Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's the matter with Florida?

Man, it's like 2008 all over again. Freepers throw up their hands and declare the (Republican) public an ass, after it looks like Romney is going to cruise to a victory in Florida:

apillar knows electability is for suckers.
They're buying the MSM/Republican Establishment lie that Romney is the only candidate that can beat Obama and Newt is unelectable. Funny thing is its the same lie the Republicans establishment used in 2008 to sell McCain. He was supposedly the only candidate that could appeal to moderates and beat the democrat challenger. You would think the base would learn after being burnt once, but I guess not. Maybe they will learn this time around after McCain v2.0 goes down in flames like McCain v1.0 did in 2008.
Cricket24 loathes the impure

No person who is real tea partier would vote for Romney! These are imposters...bandwagoners...not REAL Tea PARTY PEOPLE!!

Donnafrflorida has given up and is now fortifying her bunker for Obama 2012:

I came to the same position after they destroyed Cain and Sarah. America will get what it votes for. I am no longer running around Florida or trekking off to DC to try to wake up the sleeping or ignorant.
I will vote today but I am now totally focused on preparing for Obama 2012. If it doesn’t happen I will have learned how to can, raise chickens, garden, grind wheat etc. If it does I will somewhat prepared. Oh.. I am now armed.

harpu will never say die.

Believe the media’s polls at your own peril.

Williams knows voters aren't as smart as Freepers:

I hope you realized how stupid the voters can be at least dating back the Clinton elections.

TSgt blames damn kids these days with their Poke and their Mon:
qualifications don’t really matter to this generation, it’s all about presentation.

Santorum, while spot-on conservative, simply isn’t “cool.”

Newt is some old Washington curmudgeon.

Romney is a rich white guy and we all know how the rich are loved. /SAR

Paul may be old but waxes “cool” with young voters because of his free spirited live and let live mantra. Don’t confuse this with leadership.

Sadly, this is American Idol on steroids.

W. W. SMITH knows the Democrats are behind this!

Those fraudulent vote machines set up by the dems are, I suspect, being put to work for Romney. The Democrats want to ensure Obama’s opponent is Romney.

EternalVigilance is concerned about gayness.

How about a pic of some of thousands of innocent Massachusetts children Governor Romney turned over to the sodomites?


  1. Didn't the tea party want an outsider? Someone who wasn't an established republican DC insider? A person with family values and conservative convictions? How are these the same people that are enraged that Newt fn' Gingrich isn't the nominee?

    I guess nothing says changing of the old guard like trying to elect a 3-time married former speaker of the house who has been in national public office for 30 years.

  2. Yeah, in this moment of extremity, meaning has fled. It's all signalling and shibboleths now.