Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NH results

Freepers are not too happy in New Hampshire, as Mitt Romney swept the field. So mostly, they don't discuss it. Though when they do, they make sure to be crazy:

is sick of this, which means radical reforms are needed.

it is time for this primary season crap to end.

lets get a US constitutional amendment to have all state, US Presidential selection votes (primaries/caucus/magic 8 ball, whatever), occur on the same day.

I am sick of tired of having the vote come to my state with the candidate already picked(for the most part). This ticks me off every election cycle.

Plummz thinks Huntsmann is a plant!

Dos anyone else think Huntsmann is a stalking horse for the Obama administration? He is only there to throw mud at Romney and Paul. Huntsmann worked for Obama in China, he is probably working for Obama in the GOP. Huntsmann got Dem machine operative votes and NPR-listening useful idiot 0bot votes in NH.

TomasUSMC knows what's coming up.

Palin is waiting for a brokered Convention. Isn’t it interesting that delegate totals are not in the news? In fact we won’t know the total delegates for Iowa till around March and the New Hampshire delegate wins, what are they?

Don't get my hopes up, dude!


  1. Looking forward to a repeat of 2000 and 2008 where everyone who supports the rino in the primary gets banned, then the rino wins the primary and everyone who DOESN'T support him gets banned.

  2. @MJO,
    RimJob would have to ban himself, then.