Tuesday, January 17, 2012

South Carolina Debate

From what I can gather, nothing of note happened in the debate last night. Indeed, the big loser in the debate thread seems to have been...Rush Limbaugh?

Yes, Rush is responding to Romney's inevitability by softening, Freepers respond by raging. And Rush's failure to praise Newt means the Freeper leader has become a heretic:

untwist keeps hope alive through metaphor:
Newt Gingrich took the paddles and drove a jolt through SC and the nation tonight. His campaign is still alive. It is not too late!
nikos1121 also likes comparisons. They are much more badass than the real world:
The Bambino was hitting them to all fields last night!!!!!! EVery time Newt speaks it's a teaching moment.
" Every time Newt speaks it's a teaching moment." True, though the lessons may not be what nikos1121 thinks they are...

katiedidit1 lays out her expectations from the Big 2:

IF Americans bypass Newt for Mitt...we may never have the chance to elect a great conservative again..at least NOT in my lifetime. Rush, Sara Palin should sing Newts praises tomorrow

show has decided Rush is dumb now:
Rush will have jumped the shark if he doesn't applaud Newt's in-your-face conservative Debating skills which are inspiring.

Newt is more inspiring than Rush. Newt is a better communicator than Rush. But Newt, who earned he PhD at the age of 28, never, EVER looks down on others.

Newt accepts all Americans and truly wants to help average Americans fulfill the American Dream for themselves and their family.
Finny knows Rush had better repeat what he thinks, or he's useless:

Rush's success was due to the fact that for once, a guy was on the radio saying the same things we've been saying for years! And we thought we were alone, and here's this eloquent, funny, vibrant guy who's echoing our own thoughts, my own thoughts! And the sentiments of a lot of my conservative family and friends, but nobody anywhere else on the radio or in the media has been saying them!

Rush's value is not, and has never been, in leading, but in CONFIRMING.

He's failing to confirm some pretty important stuff for ME right now, so ... more and more my limited listening opportunities go to other talkers who DO confirm my own common sense. When my thoughs are confirmed by the likes of Thomas Sowell, then I really feel good. Thomas Sowell has stated flat-out that between Gingrich and Romney, OBVIOUSLY Gingrich is the way to go.


  1. 1. Gingrich earned his PHD at 26 years old in the field of Modern European History before becoming an assistant professor. He only left because he was denied tenure. Sounds like one of them there educated limosine liberal elites to me.

    2. Love the guy who flat out admits that he only listens to people who confirm what he already thinks. He doesn't need "fair and balanced" nor does he want to hear dissenting opinions. Ignorant and proud of it - welcome to the conservative movement.

  2. This is a rather important development. If the Freepers lose faith in Rush, they will have no where to go.

    Lately they've dropped many of their former heros. Ann Coulter and John Bolton come to mind. There are many more. But if they can't trust Rush, who will tell them what to think?

  3. Agreed, but I don't think it will last - Rush will say something conservative and they'll come crawling back.

    Like so many authoritarians, they are followers at heart.