Monday, January 30, 2012

Shunning liberals

I see my hands on how to end leftward drift
Want it to end? Then quit providing social and familial support to liberals. Bye bye, life long friend, bye bye, sis.
You may love them but they hate you and want you dead. Walk away or count yourself as complicit.
Trod Upon tried this and found it was awesome:

I have already done this. It is much less painful than people might think. A day without leftists in your life is another day of sunshine, no matter the weather.

I see my hands is not to be one-upped though:

People who provide succor to the enemy are the enemy. I'm about to move a degree away and shun those who won't shun libs. I almost have to laugh at myself but it is
an effective path we foot soldiers can follow.

Soon he will shun those who do not shun those who do not shun libs! He'll become a hermit, but at least he'll be pure.


  1. Yeah, that'll certainly make liberal think twice about being liberal when unpleasant people stop talking to them.

  2. "My reality-proof cocoon of talk radio and Fox News is strong, but still some non-craziness manages to leak in every now and then. TIME TO CUT OFF ALL HUMAN CONTACT!"

    Yeah, that will end well...