Friday, January 27, 2012

Conservatives aren't stupid, Liberals are stupid

There's some study out of Canada that racists and social conservatives tend to have a lower IQ. I find IQ-based correlations in general pretty silly for a multitude of reasons.

Freepers agree that this is silly. Though they take exception in their own unique ways:

TwoSwords attacks the folks who published this particular article about the study:

Yahoo is a cosmic joke. A sign of the end.

Whoa - yahoo is bigger than I thought!

vaudine takes exception to the definition of social conservatives as people who “stress hierarchy and resistance to change.”
This definition fits libs. They stress their hierarchy and are totally resistant to changing their views. To them compromise is when everything goes their way.

Guess this proves what I have always known. Libs are intellectually challenged to the point that they have no moral rudders and cannot live in the real world. Instead, they daydream of their ideal Utopia where all is fair according to their preconceived ideas of fairness.

A pox on all of them.

FlingWingFlyer prefers the "No, U!" style of argumentation:

All of the low-intelligence adults I’ve seen lately seem to have Obama bumper stickers on their cars and tend to gravitate towards the local food stamp office.

Eldon Tyrell knows blacks are super dumb and liberal.

The average Black inner city IQ is 76.

Average Black IQ is 85.

Blacks vote Democrat 95%. And the 5% who don’t - sure aren’t average city folks.

Sorry. Facts are facts.

it is kind of ubsurd what the Left will pay iteself to conclude, to pretend to feel good about themselves and their anti-human insanity.

maxwellsmart_agent has some strong anecdotal evidence that disagrees with the study:

It has been my experience that very intelligent people tend to be conservative. The slow ones are easily bamboozled.

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  1. All of them seem to argue either "I know you are but what am I?" or they attack the source. Of course if you do a study of Freepers, you would come to the conclusion that conservatives are not only dumb but crazy.