Friday, January 6, 2012

California gaying up it's curriculum

So California passed a law to include the accomplishment of homosexuals in their curriculum. Seems silly to me. To Freepers, though, it's Serious, Demonic, Business:

John 3_19-21 understands the plans of the LGBT/Dem/commie types to infiltrate our children and make the youth liberal!
You gotta hand it to the LGBT/Dem/commie types though, they have had a well planned and to some degree executed decades old strategy.

They could never accomplish the destruction of our founding virtues in the theater of adult public discourse so they have infiltrated the educational institutions of our youth.

As several generations have been “educated” to their cause they now hold positions in higher government. The LGBT/Dem./commies are at a threshold here in 2012. They now have one of their own as President. Though he was elected by stealth, in the upcoming election he and they must publically convince the last of the freedom loving voting population that all of our virtues and traditions must be forsaken.
Finally someone who equates the gays, Dems and Commies instead of just implying it!
Also, "elected by stealth?" Obama - Ninja of Democracy!

a fool in paradise thinks California is breaking the "No Commie" law. Because as Marx said, "to each according to his need, and also Buttsex for all!"

California schools ignored a state law prohibiting Communist political activity from teachers and a prohibition on indoctrinating students in subversive hatred of this nation.

MrB knows all Christianity is these days is hating homosexualists.

Make no mistake, the whole promotion of homosexualism is simply a front for anti-Christianity.

Rich21IE thinks it's time to secede:

It’s articles like this that cause me to ask the question; “Why is my state in a Union of States that includes California?”.

TexasFreeper2009 knows gays are responsible for AIDS:

I agree sort of that gay history should be taught ..

it should be taught how the fags spread the deadly AIDS virus worldwide and killed millions because of their perversions.

So those millions dead, all fags then?

Beagle8U goes even further:
Well, lets see...They invented AIDS, earrings for ‘men’, Disco, what else?
ScottinVA equates homosexuality with NAMBLA:

Is it a leap to predict in 10 years, California (if still in the U.S.)will mandate public school students study the “contributions” of the founders of NAMBLA?

Little can convince me it’s not headed in that direction.

Paladin2 has an alternative curriculum:

They should be embracing and celebrating the guns that won the west.

Yeah, Americans really don't think about guns enough.

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