Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TSA - the New gestapo

I'm not a fan of the security theater in airports these days. But at least we all have to deal with the crappiness equally.

Freepers, though, despite all their bloviating about liberty, have more the mentality of subjects, albiet of royalty they choose. Thus, after Rand Paul had to submit to a search before the TSA would let him fly, Freepers rushed to defend him like he was special.

mongo141 knows who else did patdowns:

Butches SS troops!

Texas Fossil is sure Obama orchestrated this in a well thought out scheme:

What about immunity for normal arrest when on Senate business.

This is being vindictive toward outspoken Senators. Obozo would do that.....

And he has demonstrated his contempt for the Chains of the Constitution.

He thinks he was elected King, and he is not even a Burger King.

Texas Fossil follows up with this nugget:

On the day of his coronation I stated:

“Welcome to New Kenya (Africa U.S.A.)”

“Where the law of the jungle has replaced the Law of the Land.”

mkjessup is pretty sure not letting Rand fly is like raping little boys:
TSA = The Sanduskying of America.
Recovering Ex-hippie also fails 'Perspective 101: things that are not like the Nazis'


Gestapo tactics already.

All it takes is a nun's habit and you can fool manc:
Hopefully they'll be disbanded soon under Newt or who ever gets it and private companies come in with ex marines etc who know the score about security.

I saw a photo on here once which had an elderly nun , a nun of all people being searched by a muslim lady. Now correct me if i am wrong but elderly nuns are not much of a threat but I am betting this muslim woman stopped the nun for spite
LibertyLA thinks only commies do this searching stuff:

Glimmers of the police state ahead, as the TSA wants to be able to grope people on trains and at stadiums etc. This is a real police state, commie tactic.

What truly amazes me are people who support communist/soviet tactics.

RetiredArmy wants Obama patted down:

Maybe the AF1 pilots should pat down the muzzie before he gets on.

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