Friday, January 20, 2012

Freepers dicuss Napolean

So France is making a Napoleon theme park. This allows Freepers to hold forth on their unique understanding of European history:

forgot World War I, Algeria, the Foreign Legion...
Daily reminder to the French the last time they had cajones.
Jmouse007 really hates how Napoleon acted like a 19th century general.

Will it come complete with nearly 200,000 frozen French corpses rotting on the frozen Russian tundra while Napoleon rides in comfort and style? ...I kind of doubt it. Amazing how good the French are with selective history”.

Kennard thinks this is a sign that France will invade Germany once they go bankrupt.
This is a timely announcement, given the pending breakup of the Eurozone.

The subtext? "If we go bankrupt, we can resurrect the Empire."

This mindset should give Germany pause. Germany is sandwiched between neo-Napoleonic France and the Russian bear.
No Truce With Kings takes a nativist lesson from Napoleon's saga:

Napoleon wasn't French. He was Corsican.

And his rule set France on a path from being a world power to an also-ran. Contrast to George Washington who set *his* country on a path from being a never-was to the world's leading power.
That George Washington - Natural Born American!

Darteaus94025 goes somewhere interesting:

The Hitler of his time: Attempted to conquer Europe by force, Russian campaign that ended badly, dictator, created new “legal” structure, etc.

Except for how there was no Holocaust, and his institutions of republican reforms, basically a Nazi!

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