Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ron Paul is a Nazi Democrat

Freepers rage against Ron Paul after his success in Iowa:

Proud2BeRight knows Ron Paul has gotta be racist:

Looks like the racists have read and enjoyed the Ron Paul newsletters. They know when they have found one of their own.

By this logic, if racists all vote Republican that means...

elhombrelibre compares Paul to Obama:
it’s like seeing Obama at the Reverend Wright’s Church, or knowing that Senator Byrd was once a Grand Kleagle in the KKK.

Decent people don’t associate with anti-Semites and racists. Obama failed that test. Paul has failed that test. Ronald Reagan did not. He never accepted any support from these vile sorts.
Again, what about the Republicans and...say Strom Thurmond?

Lazlo in PA dips into the Nazi well:
Mark Levin just referred to one of these dopey supporters who jam talk show lines defending the indefensible Ron Paul as "brown shirts". He's got their number down alright.
ncalburt has some questions for you:

Do you hates Jews like Ron ?
Are you a 9-11 truther like Ron?
Do you think our troops are war criminals ?

ncalburt goes nuclear - Paul is a secret Democrat!

This phony Ron Paul support are Dem and Union activist being bussed in just like Obama did in 2008.
The fact the RNC did not stop this Axelrod voter fraud scam tells how stupid these clowns are

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  1. Why do they dislike Ron Paul? He's an ignorant, racist, theocrat that's totally out of touch with the common public. He's one of them!