Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low-stakes Showdown in Arizona

Obama was meeting with Gov. Brewer in Arizona. She met him on the tarmac, and shook her finger at him.

Freepers cheer her, and blame Obama:

svcw blames Obama for getting yelled at:

The man is a disgrace to the Office of the President.

Islander7 has fallen in love with the governor:
I really like her. She strikes me as totally down to earth.
infool7 hates how Obama touched Gov Brewer's arm in the pic:

What an arrogant SOB. If he had gotten his arm that close to my lovely wife he would have been withdrawing a bloody stump.

ponygirl knows only girls get yelled at:

He is a Princess, not a President.

LibertyRocks thinks there is a 'literal war'

My prayers for Gov. Brewer, Sheriff Joe, and all of the other citizens in Arizona who are in a literal war it would seem with the US Federales and the Mexican Cartel on the same side.

What a scumbag to walk away in the middle of a discussion - even if it was heated. Governor Brewer has every right to be livid with that man, and if a State could arrest a President on suspicion of criminal conspiracy that resulted in the murder of State Law Enforcement Agents Arizona would have the evidence to probably do so
goat granny chalks up Brewer's behavior to conservative women' mothering instincts.
I wonder if republican women have cohones/sp because they come with ingrown child raising abilities...They can lay down the law in a family when dealing with children (unless they are the ones that say wait until your father gets home)...It seems most male politician's are juveniles in bigger bodies...
sbark makes a Muslim crack:

a woman dressing down a muslim in public......people have died for less

spankalib is sure Obama's gay. And a murderer:

He was probably turned on by her finger. Imagining up his you know what.
Crazy, I know...but N’s ARE (that way). Especially homosexual, coke-snorting, murdering N’s.

From context, I think N means narcissist.

This gay Obama thing is really growing on Free Republic. Awesome.

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