Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peeing on dead bodies is manly and heroic

There's a video of some marines pissing on dead Taliban soldiers. Not helpful.

Freepers are in full support of this act. Because if the enemy is totally evil, our military can never do bad. (Unless they vote Democrat)

keats5 thinks this is a good thing, cause we're at war:

Love all the sappy handwringing on the site. “Oh, this is so shameful!” “How can the Marine’s investigate themselves?”


We are at war.

These are US Marines peeing on dead Taliban.

This is a good thing.

gimme1ibertee recalls that Muslims are all filthy, so peeing on them is okay!
These people wipe their a$$es with their hands and engage in bestiality....and they're all wee-wee'd up (pun intended) about a little urine?

Sheesh....lighten up!
By similar logic, if my friends' house is too messy, I just pee all over it.

James C. Bennett has decided Muslims are robots:

The Koranimals are bipedal automatons, and do not deserve to be dignified by being considered human.

jimpick advocates genocide:
Those disgusting little scum supported the death of 3000 Americans, shot at our troops and somehow this is going to get more of our troops killed. Give me a break.

If I was in charge there wouldn’t even be a Afghanistan person alive to kill one more American.
al baby knows that as long as we're better than the worst thing radical Muslims ever did, we're doing fine:

Well they could have tore there genitals off and chopped there heads off and paraded them around hung them from street light f them they got off easy

butterdezillion returns to the pig as Muslim kryptonite canard:

Would pig urine be better - to convince them that they’re not going to get 72 virgins if they mess with us?

Rashputin will not allow anyone who has not been in combat to criticize the military:

I think the whiners need a special "right to bitch" one week training course after which they're dropped of in the middle of bad guy country with whatever ammo they can carry, fifteen year old rations, a compass, and part of the map they need. Tell them that if they find their way back to friendlies that are, "just sixty miles over yonder", and they're still upset about the corpses of the people who tried to kill them their complaint forms will be stuck at the bottom of the pile of paper the VA routinely takes a decade to process.

Pontiac agrees that the war is hard enough that the military should never be held to any standards ever:
our Freedom is protected by hard men that do an unpleasant job.

In the course of that job our troops encounter people that do much worse things to our soldiers. The fellow soldiers of these men may have be maimed or killed in cowardly ways by the friends of these dead Taliban.

We who are not in the line of fire must remember that is not possible to see your friends maimed and killed and not feel anger and hatred to those doing these things.

When Sherman said war is hell it was not a joke. These men have been to hell. Do not judge them until you have walked in their shoes.

Aevery_Freeman thinks that if you don't get how awesome peeing on dead Taliban is, you're a girl.
Women, despite their genitalia, never really understand men, do they.
sergeantdave is skeptical this story is true, because Reuters is full of Nazis.

Incidentally, the liars at Reuters-Rooter have been caught manufacturing videos and stills several times.

The Jew-hating Nazis at Reuters are especially fond of manufacturing stories about how evil Israel is toward bombers, mass murderers and terrorists.

If you get a chance to read Reuters Middle-East edition, you’ll think you’ve been transported back to Nazi Germany, and you’re reading Julius Streicher’s hate-sheet called Der Juden.

John S Mosby is pissed at a rumor from over a decade ago:
Hilary Clinton dishonored the Marine’s uniform when she was in the whitehouse. Maybe you were too young.

She treated the WH Marine Guard, responsible for protecting the WH from attack (as opposed to the praetorian secret service who do not do that). She treated them like waiters, in fact asking them to bring her drinks and canapes on trays. They did it, but never forgot.

Just off hand you can take your “concern” and wipe it on the 7 day sh***ers caftan. You get this “leak” from the concerned pvt gaga manning? Wuss.

vette6387 would like the pissing marines to run for Congress:
they’ve closed all the men’s rooms in the Capitol because all the Congressmen and Senators are all pussies ( most especially Boner and Mr.Chinless).

We could use some real men who know what it means to fight for this country.

I want to throw up every time a politician says that “they are fighting for me, or for some nonsensical issue.” Gay “rights” comes to mind.
If the Marines want to pi$$ on something, they need to come home and go to the Capitol with a full bladder.

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