Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mean Girls

You think Obama's skin color was petty?

Just you wait - The First Lady was on hand at the State of the Union, and the Freeper mean girls squad is on the case.

Zakeet likes sarcasm!

Looking as chic as ever elegantly dressed as an ink drop in the latest style that tastefully accents small breasts and large tummies.

freemama pretends objectivity, but really repeats the above comment:
Yet another poor choice. The fabric was more suited to a cocktail party. The neckline does nothing. The shape of the dress is unflattering. It shows she has a flat chest. And the tailoring does her belly no favors.
novascotianative just notices things and says she hates them:
I hate the wave, the dress is ill fitting, it looks like she’s got sour balls in her mouth, and she’s got a bag of potato chips hidden under the dress.
sissyjane noticed the First Lady's hair grew:

OMG. The long wig is BACK! YEAH!! Now I know she is WINNING!

acapesket knows what is going on:

She looks preggers!

I am much older and just recently developed middle aged spread...

But Moooch.....come on!

Where are those body shaping girdle body thingees?

FGS... don’t turn around!

Mortrey gives us the obligatory Obama is gay post:

IF she’s attempting to “look like” she’s with child, you can bet it isn’t “Bath-House” Barry’s doing.

I wouldn’t put past the “residents” of the White House to impregnate Manchelle with anonymous sperm just to get votes from their idiot supporters.
FrankR remembers Michelle is supposed to be racist

She doesn’t seem to mind having to sit with white folks...oh, never mind, they’re RICH white folks.

joyce11111 also sees fatness no one else does:

And look at that pot belly.

The dress is ugly and so is she!

Hot Tabasco thinks she's dressing like a slut, basically:
I'm not a fashion expert but that dress doesn't seem to be appropriate for the occasion.

She's better suited to standing on the corner of a used car lot that's advertising a zero down payment, sign and drive car sale.......
Mad_as_heck doesn't thinks expensive things are appropriate:

The arrogance of these people. Look miserable jobless people! Marie Antoinette is back from her taxpayer funded vacation wearing a designer dress that costs as much as a new Kia!

I think that outfit looks incomplete without a crown and scepter.

StarFan knows this dress was a political move:
I guess all the rich white crackas seated near Mo got the memo to wear black-no color allowed ! (unless the obligatory commie red)

Had the same thought when seeing the contrast of those around her. Everything they do and say is so political but wearing a neon dress at the SOTU address just fell flat.


  1. It's hilarious just how much they can be like a bitchy gaggle of gay guys at a nightclub when it comes to Michelle Obama. "That dress with those heels? Giiiiiiiiiiirl, I don't think so!"

  2. This just reminds me of that guy posting here as "Barry Soetoro" a few months ago who was desperate to make me think that Michelle Obama was ugly. Apparently he thought that thinking she was pretty equated to Barack getting re-elected. Such is the thought processes of the truly delusional.