Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday potpourri.

little jeremiah Thinks gays control America.
[Romney's past support of gay marriage] has got to be proof of a major gay cabal at the top of the GOP Establishment. That's the only way Romney would have done this.

That has to be correct. And look at Sandusky etc - there must be fag/pedophile cabals amongst the elites of every label. Sickening and I pray this is all revealed and the participants and enablers are utterly destroyed politically (and a few other ways as well) soon or we won't have a Republic any more.
gays are the new Jews!

technically right analyzes Obama's watch habits:

Ever notice how he wears his watch? A good 2-3 inches above his wrist. Only sissies and whiffandpoofs wear their watches like that.

Which is it?

Sissie or Whiffandpoof? So...homo or imaginary animal?

mrreaganaut knows Hollywood movies tell secret liberal plans:
I wondered what Hollywood was thinking when they totally rewrote The Manchurian Candidate; then Obama ran for President. They ALWAYS TELL US, man. ALWAYS. We need to listen.
section9 thinks the GOP didn't support Sarah Palin enough, and will therefore die like it should:
The conservatives, especially the TEA Party people, didn’t unite behind Palin. So she didn’t run. That’s the real story.

So the GOP will get the Viking Funeral it richly deserves.

Fresh Wind knows Obama loved Kim Jong Il.

I’m suggesting ozero snuck off to N. Korea for the funeral of one of the heroes of the revolution.

GGMac has decided that Ron Paul is a liberal hero and will replace Obama:

Another theme - horrifying - is that many of them plan to register as Republicans so they can vote in the primaries, for Ron Paul! They want Paul to get the nomination - then they’ll use him as their means to vote Obama out.

Paul would then be their very own anti-war, anti-Obama savior - and one who’s definitely not an evil Republican. They don’t care that Paul’s a racist, since Obama’s a racist and nobody seems bothered by it. [nobody but Republicans and conservatives] A bit of liberals’ true colors showing through on the race score.

Albion Wilde is a dick:

It’s not my attitude that is superior. My posts follow the Word of God, which is superior to human rationales.

spawn44 must not live in this reality:
Any wonder why the socialist democrats are sinking faster than al gore can slither out the back door of an SUV.

They fall all over themselves attempting to endorse the utter disaster that was the OCCUPIED OUTHOUSE BOWEL MOVEMENT then continue a failed attempt to paint the TEA PARTY as the radicals.

This election will not be close. These dimwits have no clue about this country. 2008 was an abnomily that will not be repeated again for 50 years.
I have no idea what HiTech RedNeck is saying, but it sounds bad for Obama

When the other shoe drops on Bummer, it will be a jackboot — and he’ll just lick it.

rodeo-mamma recommends men not let their wives work:
Maybe it’s time for men to “man up” and realize that maybe it’s not ok to expect the women to be bringing in a paycheck.

I hate to say it, but both men and women have changed since women have been out there bringing home the bacon.

The men have become terribly unmanly and the women a lot less appealing as women.

That’s why Palin has become popular, she’s still pretty. Most women who go into the workforce lose that side of themselves completely.

Men, grow a pair, then your children won’t need to be sacrificed and you’ll have a better looking wife. That’s all I got to say.
varina davis wishes we had more American heroes like all the Confederate generals:

I think we’d be hard pressed to think of anyone in today’s world who could wear Gen. R.E. Lee’s boots. He was truly one of a kind.

The might be said of Stonewall, Forrest, Watie and many more who fought to uphold the Constitution.

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  1. In what sort of delerium must you live in to believe that Robert E. Lee fought for the Constitution?!