Thursday, January 19, 2012

Statistics have a known liberal bias

So employment numbers are looking up a bit. Freepers, of course, have decided that anything which could help Democrats is a fraud.

ohioWfan is amazed anyone believes the nonpartisan Bureau of Labor Statistics ever:
Does anyone in the entire country really believe these bogus numbers??
Cletus.D.Yokel predicts hinky math, and is sad:

That means the previous number was revised up to 402K (I predicted 403.


ScottinVA id confused - but holds on to hating Obama as a lodestone:

I don’t know what I believe anymore, other than it appears arrangements are being made to make the economy appear to be “improving” enough to get Obama reelected.

Gabz knows unemployment numbers may mean something else!
Another explanation is the unemployment benefits of those 50,000 ran out.
Or maybe Obama killed them off!

Paradox knows you needn't cook numbers when you can revise reality!

Perhaps cooked, but I believe the trend. Since the Republican have taken over the house, things have gotten slowly better.

conservaterian is sure this long stretch of obstructing Obama is helping the economy:

Maybe we shouldn’t have taken the House in 2010. Now, thanks to the Tea Party, things are getting better, but that means Obummer will get credit and it will be harder to kick him out in November.

We will be better off in the long run if the double dip starts in the next couple of months. The November election will be the thumbs up, thumbs down for this country (unless it’s Mitt vs. Obummer, then there IS no thumbs up).

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