Friday, January 20, 2012


So first Freeper founder Jim Robinson endorsed Newt. Then, Newt whipped out his old, polished "I reject your question because the media sucks" schtick in the debate last night.

Freepers act like he was Sarah Palin or something:

LibsRJerks revels in the imagined traumitization of the media.

CNN commentators now huddling together, liked spanked traumatized schoolchildren ...making excuses for themselves as to why they asked the question first ....trying to rationalize ...

Whatever. They can go back to the newsroom and lick their wounds and FEEL the shame. What they do IS despicable — and it’s horrible for the country. Good people WILL not and CANNOT run for president in this country due to this CRAP. It’s time someone called them out on it TOTALLY.

GO NEWT!!!!!!!!!!

Cheerio is sure Obama won't debate Newt, cause of how awesome Newt is.
America's Pharaoh will refuse to debate just like Nixon refused to debate Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and in 1964 President Lyndon Johnson refused to debate Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater. Barry Zero has nothing but rhetoric and would lose a debate to any of the GOP candidates - and he knows it.
Hoosier-Daddy knows bitter lashing out at the media will totally take down Obama.

I think Newt survived trial by fire tonight. He’s more than capable of ripping Obama a size 13 a$$#0!e...

..oh, wait!

You didn't think you'd get through this without an "Obama is gay" joke, did you?

C210N loves sports metaphors:

That was NOT a touchdown, it was 10 consecutive years of Superbowl Clobbering wins.

That was a quadrupal Lutz.

That was not a home run, it was a three balls two strikes two outs Grand Slam out-of-the-park walk off 9th inning 7th game World Series BLAST.

Beave Meister thinks Newt is like a longtime mobster:
Newt Gingrich the new “Teflon Don.”
SampleMan knows Newt is just like his heroes:
King David and the Apostle Peter also had some character flaws, as I recall. Ditto for Winston Churchill and General Patton.

DonnerT makes the same comparison:

I think it is the “Churchillianness” of Newt that makes me like him.

Oy, this'll be a Newsweek cover.

milagro thinks Newt's ego is the way God will use him to defeat Obama, or something.
We need someone--like Newt--with a strong ego. Sure--he can be arrogant; that's the main pitfall for someone with a strong ego.

But--God can use that ego for his own purposes, and my prayer is that God will be gracious enough to our nation to use Newt to defeat a man who is not only arrogant, but so narcissistic that he seeks to destroy those who criticize him or stand in the way of his accomplishing his "divine" plans.

SERKIT notes that New hasn't raped anyone, so he's fine

Dems should not complain since all decisions were made by consenting adults.

Republican Christians who believe in redemption and forgiveness should not complain.

Journalists who dig through garbage for Republican candidates continue to be hypocrites by not investigating Barry who did cocaine a few short years ago compared to Newt’s timeline under scrutiny.

swpa_mom also doesn't care about family values when you're up against Satan Himself:

character problem???????????

We have a man in the White House right now who refuses to release college transcripts. CHARACTER PROBLEM?


GOPJ just straight up says family values don't matter for a President anymore:
your daughters should NOT marry Newt. Too much risk for a totally traditional family. Luckily Newt's not running to be anyone's husband at the moment...
editor-surveyor has this nugget:
Actually, Most of Newt’s support is women.
LibsRJerks knows some women just love being cheated on, if not beaten:

Two or three of the women CNN lib pundits stated, “But it’s a losing issue for the Repubs if Newt becomes the pres. nominee”. They think it won’t go over with women. What they are saying that any derogatory accusation by any women, whether it is from a former girlfriend or ex-wife, that women will always be believed or they don’t care it is not true, and it’s an emotional issue to them regardless of truth or proof.


I might be trying to analyze this too deeply ...but — you may be wrong.

One thing about strong women — many of them REALLY like a strong man they can argue with safely. In fact, a strong man who can outdo them — well, for some of them (yours truly included)it’s irresistable.

So I don’t believe at all that ALL women will find it a turn off. Some of them will keep coming back for more ...believe me.

Think Rhett Butler.


[Pushing her hair out of her eyes and panting]

Oh God YES!!!!




  1. That one was particularly funny, Ozy. Good work.

  2. Obama ordered health plans to cover contraception. Freepers' reactions are very predictable. But then I noticed that gleeaikin posted the following:

    I have never been able to understand why all contraception, including barrier kinds like condoms and the cervical cap are being opposed by conservatives. It’s not like caring for the children of the poor with tax money is a high priority in conservative circles. Also opposition to sex education is high on the list although a recent study indicates that ignorance about sex is the case in 1/2 of teen pregnancies. Does this inconsistancy exist because conservatives don’t know how to think, or because conservatives want to control the knowledge and lives of women??

    I can't wait to see the responses to that one.

  3. OK, let's watch this one, euphgeek.

    Romulus has written back, it's an epistle straight from the Anti-Sex League.

    I think that's the case much of the time. gleeakin is right, of course, but he doesn't realize what's often at the heart of the matter in conservative thinking - sex is bad.

    1. Yeah, I saw that. Hilarious. I knew someone would come up with something like that. How much longer until gleeaikin gets zotted, I wonder?

  4. Oh yeah, that quote will have to show up on Monday.