Thursday, January 5, 2012

Soon to be persecuted

Goddamn, do Freepers want to be hunted down. They are taking the latest bipartisan but undeniably authoritarian indefinite detention law, and casting elaborate police-state fantasies from it:

steveab sees the potential:
It’s not a stretch for Obama or some other President name the Tea Party as “potential terrorists”.
Eye of Unk actually predicts:

Obama will classify the Tea Party and any gathering of and for the Tea Party as acts of sedition.

Sedition? Really?

Texas Eagle my or may not be serious:
Ah. So now I understand why California let so many prisoners go free.

To make space for us.
CowboyConservative brings it home!

Everybody involved with this forum could be considered a threat under this new legislation!

muawiyah shows it's more than yearning to be victims that drives this:
So, we win the election, get rid of Zero, and then round up the terrorist abortionists.

What's the problem here?
They fear this because that's what they would so were they in Obama's position:


  1. Left-wingers and right-wingers could have gotten together to stop this legislation, except 1) they hate each other, and 2) the right-wingers have been crying wolf over every outrageous outrage so much that they cannot be taken seriously.