Thursday, January 12, 2012

South Carolina is gonna be awesome

Freepers continue to think Romney won't be the nominee, even as he coasts to a win in South Carolina and then Florida.

Antoninus predicts:
New Hampshire was Romney's high-water mark.

In South Carolina, the water will begin to recede.
US Navy Vet doesn't care about New Hampshire:

Top 3 “Reasons” Mittens “Won” in NH:
1. He “bought” it
2. “Open” Primary
3. MASSHole “Carpet-Baggers”!

af_vet_rr also discounts South Carolina, and preemptively blames Dems
South Carolina is an open primary. I think we know what will happen there. The Democrats and Libertarians will give Romney and RuPaul a huge boost.
proudpapa is pretty optimistic:

The media is soooo into Romney winning the nomination.

Despite outspending Santorum 20-1, they basically tied in Iowa.

Despite being the local favorite, 60% DID NOT vote for him in tiny New Hampshire.

Yet he’s been annointed as the “frontrunner”.

Man, if you like crushed Freeper hopes, the day after South Carolina is gonna be fun. Sunday, Jan. 22. Stay tuned!

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