Monday, January 2, 2012

There's no crying in politics!

Newt tears up talking about the death of his mother. Freepers have this macho mentality, but also this follower mentality, so they split:

CainConservative has decided crying is fine:
Yeah, Newt crying about his mom’s painful suffering before her death is uncalled for. Who does that?
hampdenkid doesn't seem so good with crying, but excuses Newt this one time:
I’m Newt’s age, both my mother and my father dies after lingering illnesses (my father racked with pain for six agonizing months). And, as much as I loved them (and i did, to the depths of my heart), I don’t break down in tears when discussing them or their deaths.

In short, IMHO, Newt’s breakdown showed signs that he is over-stressed (which, to a degree is understandable considering the duress he’s been under).

PS: I like Newt — I consider him America’s Churchill — and I hope to vote for him for President.

muddler is not a fan, and thinks all crying is on purpose:

It worked for hitlery, it worked for pelozi, and it worked for boner so maybe it will work for the newt.

We are so screwed.

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