Monday, December 26, 2011

Take the Pledge, Support the Nominee [as long as it's not Romney or Paul]

If Freepers represent the any sort of proportion of the GOP base, Romney is in trouble in the general election.

CainConservative is loyal up to a point:
While I will personally vote in the primary for the candidate I think the most qualified and conservative, I will support the candidate who wins the Republican nomination, whether it be Paul, Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, or even Governor Johnson.

So will I unless it's Paul or Romney.
heiss has his pet issue preventing him from halting Obama:

Other than mitt, newt and paul, i will support any gop nominee.
Amnesty must be stopped

Head Freeper Jim Robinson weighs in:

I hereby pledge to support the nominee as long as he’s not an abortionist, gay rights advocating, Reagan denying, socialist healthcare pushing, mandate loving, gun grabbing, liberal judge appointing, two-faced, flip-flopping, lying RINO hypocrite or a whacko drug-pushing isolationist.

That leaves Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry or Santorum. Huntsman? Who?

greene66 has his limits:

I’ve voted exclusively GOP my entire voting life, never wavering a single time. Not for Perot, not for anybody.

But if Romney is the nominee, the GOP can just go choke to death. Three years of backstabbing conservatives, backstabbing Palin, backstabbing the Tea Party, backstabbing the grassroots... like I’m going to ‘reward’ these scumbags with my vote? To Hell with the bastards!

sushiman has a cunning plan, my lord:

Trump :

Pro Life
Pro Capital Punishment
For smaller government
Do Away with Dept. Of Education
Opposes Gun Control
Thinks that legal immigration should be difficult and illegal immigration should be impossible .
Maintains that Israel is our best friend.
Not in favor of same sex marriage.

No , he is not a Conservative , but neither are Gingrich or Romney . If I had to classify him I’d say moderate to right leaning populist . I think he’d kick ass and certainly would upset the status quo . If Repubs would get some balls and not be afraid of voting 3rd party I daresay Trump would have a chance to win . Lots of fed up Dems and Indies out there + if it is Romney , well , you get the picture .

Bryanw92 sees the upside:
It will easier to gain traction for forming a 2nd country if Obama gets re-elected.
prisoner6 just wants to watch the world burn:

Maybe it's a boil that needs to be popped. With a RINO in it just keeps festering.


The country may die but The Constitution and FREEDOM will live.

From a dead, entitlement country perhaps a new land of opportunity will arise like The Phoenix from the ashes.
Seaplaner keeps fear alive:
I'm so terribly worried about what a second (scorched-earth) Obama term would do to this fine Country (and my two "kids" who wear our Country's uniform), that I will support and vote for the GOP nominee, whomever that might end up as being.

Even (cough) Mitt.

Within a year into an Obama second term, I suspect that FR, Fox, Rush, and any other dissent will be completely illegal.

donmeaker also hates Obama enough to fall in line:

I will vote for a syphilitic camel over Obama.

Paul was my representative in Texas. He was glad to accept the support of the local racists.

Romney is a Mormon, a religion that was begun by a professional fraud, and furthered through perversion.

Yet I would vote for either of them over Obama.



    Hey Ozy, I have a good thread you might want to take a look at. It seems Brent Bozell called Obama a "skinny ghetto crackhead" on the air recently. While one could defend him by noting Bozell was making a hypothetical, rhetorical point about double standards in the media, Bozell decied to qualify his statement by saying, "Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does" [look like].

    Lots of good racist posts on this thread.

  2. Two things about JimRob's posts that I've noticed:

    1) He always posts in the formal style of making a proclamation, e.g., "I hereby pledge". Wonder if RimJob's mind is going and he thinks he's Napoleon or something.

    2) Rimmy sure loves to pile on the multiple adjectives in every sentence, doesn't he?

  3. Ozy, one more thread in case you're interested.

    Gingrich is off the Virginia primary ballot due to lack of signatures. JimRob himself is directing the minions to a Facebook page to try and get Gingrich back on. Rules? Freepers don't need no stinkin rules! Anyway, here's the head nutcase's FB post in the usual nasty, threatening, demanding Freeper manner:

    You people are absolutely nuts for trying to keep Newt Gingrich off the Virginia ballot! In case you haven’t noticed, Newt Gingrich is the leading Republican contender for the presidency nationwide and in VIRGINIA!! You are attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Republican conservatives in Virginia who would mark their ballots for Newt Gingrich. He’s a favorite among the conservative base and the tea party. And Rebellion is brewing!! Advise you get your act together and get him on the ballot!! This treachery will not be allowed to stand without a whole lot of blowback!! On YOU!!

  4. Yer in luck, FG.

    I'm at work late tonight, and should be able to get to both of those before I leave.