Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hot Armenian Sluts

By means of suspicious statistics, lifesite news reports that Armenian women are having huge amounts of abortions to select for male children. They report the "median number of abortions for women over 40 is eight, and some women have as many as 20 abortions in a lifetime."

Freepers show their concern:


A real loss. Armenian women are very hot looking.

Since they are Christian, this is most puzzling.

ZULU Then decides abortions are okay if it's Muslims.
[Population growth in Albania] isn't good. The less Muslims in the world, the better - particularly in Europe and the U.S.
Vermont Lt is eager to generalize:
The Armenian girls I knew growing up were not the most, how should I say, “willing”, girls on the block.
sinanju prefers to blame the USSR lizardification(!) of women.
I know I’m pandering to stereotypes here but the general image of Soviet-raised women as cold-blooded, selfish, grasping, dishonest, etc. had a hard core of reality.

I have been wondering for years how much the routine abortion culture of the Soviet and post-Soviet Russias has had to do with this. It is much more openly discussed nowadays, the psychological maiming effect that abortion has on women.

How much this has to do, vis a vis the general dehumanizing effect of communism had on creating those human lizards, I don’t know, but I sure as hell hope that abortion rates have gone down in the twenty years since the USSR fell.

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