Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A rich liberal is a hypocrite.

Nancy Pelosi is of on a fancy Hawaiian vacation. Freepers, well practiced now at vacation-based rage, dive in.

Cheerio thinks she and Obama must have fled to plot!
Nan Piglosi and the Zero plotting on how to get her the Speakership back.
Obama wants the house to be in Democratic hands? Zounds!

skeeter indulges in a bit of sample bias:

It never ceases to amaze me how commies always go first cabin.

bray thinks the Occupy movement is going to be a political force:

You can bet Occupy SF will be campaigning for that $100 million hypocrite.

Better than campaigning for Christine O'Donnell!

Hoosier-Daddy thinks this is some sort of birther thing:

They are very afraid of what Sheriff Joe is going to come up with...

juno67 knows any liberal had better be wearing ashes and sack-cloth.

I find it interesting that she is in the top 1% of earners while at the same time she is supporting the raising of taxes on the top 1%. Is she writing some exception into the law for top Democrats?

Because it is inconceivable to Freepers that some politicians might argue beyond their own self-interest.

bvw needs no evidence to point out that being a liberal means you're a criminal.
"It's Pelosi's right to pay $10,000 a night at a Hawaiian resort"

No. No quite. Pelosi's "earned" that money by grift, bribe and using her public office for her own enrichment.

We are paying for it.


  1. Of course,
    The libs keep screaming about the "rich,corporatist" GOP out to get the wekking man. Where are the OWS types, why do they not demand that Madame Pelosi give some of her insides trading wealth to the 99%. Fact is that the Donkey party is also a "rich,corporate" party.

  2. Oops I meant insider trading instead of insides trading.

  3. @Anonymous,
    You just don't get that nobody is insisting that only rich Republicans pay higher taxes, do you? Like juno67, you apparently think that if someone is rich, they couldn't possibly be advocating higher taxes for themselves.