Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dems voting in Republican elections

The Republican Iowa Governor warns Democrats it's unfair to vote in Republican elections. Not that there is any evidence they are. Freepers, of course, need no evidence that the primaries are tainted by liberalism:

Grunthor knows this is totally happening:

They’re going to vote for Romney.

Conservativegreatgrandma realizes it's much worse than that:

They’ll be voting for Ron Paul.

Yep. Ron Paul. Makes you wonder about Democrats.

Politics used to be about getting the best person for the job and that was the person who would get the most effective and efficient use out of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Now, for the Democrats, it’s win at any price.
Wonder why that is.
The only solution is to start thinking like that, eh Freepers?

There just aren't enough question marks to communicate what Mr. K wants to say:

How in the hell did the GOP ever get talked into letting DEMOCRAPS vote in our primaries?????????????????????????

McGavin999 warns that this thing that doesn't happen may cause something that will never happen:
Someone ought to explain to the democrats that doing that may well kill the goose that laid the golden egg for Iowa because the result could well be candidates not bothering to go to Iowa anymore.
The financial repercussions could be devastating.Of course, most democrats don't work anyway so it won't matter to them.
Vigilanteman is totally rational, as are all Freepers:
Good luck with explaining logic to Democrats who mostly vote based on feeeeeeeeeeelings.
LibLieSlayer thinks this is proof of a conspiracy:
All of you that just love you some republican leadership... this is exactly what I am talking about when I say that the leadership manipulates elections to stop Conservatives...
and it is they that setup and approve the primary system and they are ALLOWING radical marxists to choose our candidates.
Clever of the governor to talk about it then, throw us off the scent.

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  1. And it's not as if Republicans have never done this before, either. During the 1998 race for the governor of Michigan, Republicans voted in the Democratic primary and gave them Geoffrey Fieger as a candidate, ensuring John Engler's reelection.

    Also, Rush Limbaugh encouraged Republicans to do the exact same thing during the 2008 primaries. None of the Freepers were complaining about the death of the democratic process then. IOKIYAR!