Friday, December 23, 2011

Health Care: Still an evil plot.

When I first started doing this blog back in Oct. 2007(!), my favorite part was when a fresh news story got Freepers all riled up. Well, that and how much they rationalized hating all Muslims.

The Muslim thing is still strong, but I find the confused instinctive yawlps of 'HITLER! SOCIALIST!" on every new story get pretty repetitive. Ya gotta go mining for any sort of innovation in the crazy with the 1000 post breaking stories.
These days I prefer threads after an issue crusts over. Because then Freepers themselves cherry pick the most crazy ideas and hold on to them. You get shorter threads, but much more crazy.

Case and point the Supreme Court is gonna hear argument about Obamacare. 27 post thread, dense with prime crazy.

spots the rare elderly conservative:

I was at the gym this morning. An elderly man, bent over with scoliosis, was pushing his walker by me. Affixed to the frame was a large sign that said, in bright red, “I DON’T LIKE OBAMACARE.”

Mr. Wright gets a bit exercised:

As is the case with this bunch, any rule of law, constitutional requirements, ethics, moral standards, are all thrown out the window.

State-run, lame-stream, liberal-left, communist-progressive media WILL NOT make an issue of the Kagen participation in the hearings and decision. They are all in this together to f - - k America.

Graewoulf offers some legal analysis:

Obama”care” was robo-signed by Congress, and is therefore illegal.

Obama”care” reduces competition, and therefore is illegal by the 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Law.

Obama”care” is designed to be a US Federal Government monopoly, with no competition.

Obama”care” also is illegal according to the US Constitution, because it violates our freedom of choice.

Will THE NINE SUPREMES notice any of these three violations? I seriously doubt it.

Impeached Bill Clinton proved that the US President is above US Federal Law, so anything that the President wants he gets, regardless of the Federal Laws that he has violated.

Graewoulf tries to top his own crazy offering:
Chairman Obama has shown NO respect for the US Constitution since his birth in Kenya.

His High Poo-Bahness probably views, (with his typical arrogant scorn), THE NINE SUPREMES as irrelevant to the harm he has been chosen to do to America.

BTW, FDR tried to pack the US Supreme Court to insure that the USA became a Socialist Nation very quickly. Now that we are FINALLY the Union of Socialist States in Amerika (USSA), maybe Dictator Obama will simply abolish the 4 th Branch of Government?

oneolcop thinks this is going to turn into martial law somehow.
I believe the people behind this regime fully intend to ignore the rule of law and use unions and the federal bureaucracy to take control and destroy the rule of law and throw out the constitution in the name of some sort of concocted "emergency."

There is an effort by some of the behind the scenes operators to unionize the armed forces, thereby putting the military under the operational control of their union bosses. They'll start with the enlisted ranks and, if they can gain control of them, the next step will be to have a work stoppage or some sort of work action that will tie the hands of the commanding officers (via a court order issued by one of their allied federal judges).
BuckeyeTexan is so tough!!

If it goes the “wrong” way, I’ll be purchasing some tar and feathers and a ticket to Capitol Hill where this monstrosity was invented.

4th branch?

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  1. I love that Freepers have now come out against personal responsibility. It's like they don't even realize that they're against their own principles. I wonder what they said back in 1994 when the Heritage Foundation came up with the individual mandate?