Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sen. Ben Nelson (D., Neb.) to retire

You'd think Freepers would be thrilled that this Democrat is retiring, further stretching a year already numerically against the Democrats. But they'd prefer to get in some last licks at this guy, or plot their post-apocalypse revenge:

Despite my intro, PGalt is happy, if a bit creepy:

GRRRRRRREAT news! Thanks for posting.

DEPOPULATE socialists from the body politic.

live - free - republic


GOPsterinMA is not a fan:

Bye you treacherous bitch.

He doesn't specify a reason

verga also prefers to stay mad without noting any particular sin:

I hope the B@#T@RD has trouble sleeping for the rest of his natural life, and is seated in the smoking section for his eternal one.

Signalman explains it all:

His political career ended the moment he voted for Obozocare.


lgjhn23 thinks this is a sign of some kind of financial apocalypse:

With all these clowns bailing out, it makes one wonder what they know that we don’t, especially with the new lock up laws with no trial. They KNOW the big crash is coming and bailing out now in hopes that the “unwashed masses” forget who they are.
Not a chance, clowns! We’ll never forget who brought this upon us. Ever. They can run but can’t hide.

ponygirl also looks forwards to his being hunted in the lawless post-Obamacare hellscape.
His vote came at a price... a cushy lobbyist job and other assorted perks after he resigned because he knew he would never get re-elected after voting for that monstrosity. He only held out until he got the deal he wanted for his "retirement."

When this society collapses, I hope people like Nelson spend the rest of their days looking over their shoulders.

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