Monday, December 26, 2011

It Keeps them Warm

Bonus points if you get the reference.

Conservative writer Victor Davis Hanson writes how the Right, unlike the Left, doesn't viscerally hate those in opposition. Freepers fall all over themselves to prove him wrong like being batshit insane was some sort of tribal test:

BTW, this thread is 42 posts long, and every single one of them is awesome.

piytar sounds healthy:

Hate? Far too mild a word! I utterly despise the corrupt sack of $#!\ and everything he stands for. Every time I see him I want to vomit.

How’s that VDH?

mojitojoe knows nicknames are the key to sanity:

I suffer from Obongo the Marxist Islamic Kenyan syndrome. I oppose him, hate him, detest him, despise him, loathe the ground he walks on and live for the day he leaves the White House.

crazydad wants a stronger word than hate:

Hate is like you a far to soft word.
I do believe that if someone is doing wrong to you, your family or your country, it should be screamed out loud and that person should be told how you feel. I despise and loathe this person.
He is everything that is wrong with the world. He is in my mind a demon from Satan.
His plan is to destroy the only god fearing, freedom loving country in the world. As he plans for Isreals demise also.. God please let us have a normal American loving President back next year.

Only god fearing, freedom loving country in the world? What about the Vatican?

genghis prefers his hate wide-spectrum:

this is bs
i hate all democrats
everyone of them
b.o. is just like boxer, durban murray and the rest of the #$%^%$

MaxMax clearly doesn't read Free Republic.
It's not really derangement since we try to make sense of Zeros chaos and
I doubt many here are confused about his leadership direction.
We don't froth from the mouth or blame Zero for snowy days in march.

On the flip side the RAT supporters blamed everything on Bush. That's derangement.
Kolath knows it's Sarah Palin that's the real victim here:

ODS is NOTING compaired to PDS.

Give Obama the PDS treatment and wsatch him melt like butter on a skillet.

MestaMachine knows it's supporting Obama that's crazy:

“Obama Derangement Syndrome?”

Absolutely. Every single one of his supporters is afflicted with it. What we NEED is for selfless conservatives to provide them with a cure.

a 'cure' for liking Obama? Sounds a bit Stalinesque.

Stepan12 proves his rationality be Hitlering all over the place:
He is scum! If that means someone calls me full of OBD syndrome, then so be it.

Maybe it is not fair to compare Obama to Hitler. Hitler, afterall, would never had to use a teleprompter. He could write a line or two on a piece of paper and makes a half and hour to an hour speech from that. Hitler also had CIC ability and the Messiah clearly doesn't have any.

Hitler worked to kill Jews on his own, while Obama leads from the rear and is hoping Iran will do his dirty work against Israel, which has 5.5 million Jews. Obama has been midwifing Iran's nuclear bomb.

Nah.... Obama isn't Hitler. He is like a more incompetent copy. Maybe an affirmative action Hitler.

re_nortex prefers Stalin:

I hate Obama with every fiber of my being, much as I hated his fellow Marxist Joseph Stalin.

re_nortex knows Cheney is one of them:
Vice President Dick Cheney saw right through the facade of Hussein with a genuine FUBO look.
Popman knows if it's visceral it's gotta be okay:
Initially, I just despised him for what he stood for....

In the last 2 years I have learned to hate him with the brightness of 10,000 suns

A visceral hate wells up within me whenever I see his puss

SueRae also feels it viscerally:

Speaking for myself, it is indeed visceral. Anyone with half a brain can see the damge he’s done to the country...and he thinks he’s doing great. I despise the criminals in his adminstration and in high office that continue to thumb their noses at the will of the people and our laws.


  1. These people are going to go into cardiac arrest when Obama wins his second term. Those who survive the inauguration will give themselves brain aneurisms during his second term.

  2. Obama is an affirmative action... hitler !!! that had me rofl