Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gunboat diplomacy looks gay when Obama does it.

Iran is threatening to close the important oil-transport corridor the Strait of Hormuz, so the US has sent an aircraft carrier. Freepers once again find themselves torn between loving manly Arab bullying and hating Obama. And once again, they focus on hating Obama:

2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten just assumes Obama had nothing to do with this.
if the ship is in the SOH it’s because the Navy itself worked out a plan to do this - not because Zero thought it up on the golf course.
silverleaf thinks this is a cynical political move:

Obama handlers call Panetta and order him to send a gun to the knife fight, because potus is being taunted by Iran and needs to look “strong and decisive”, even as he further emboldens our enemies and drains the energy out of our presence and image in the region by his ordered retreat from Iraq

for this guy, military strategy - and everything else- is pinned to his poll numbers

It has never been so egregious risky and antithetical to our national interests as with this naive inexperienced immature group of anti-American apologists who see the US military as toys they can wield. This started big time with Clinton and Cohen, now it is nuke-war dangerous

Witness the childish joy of barry reveling in his overuse of Air Force 1
silverleaf follows up that Iran would totally get away with somehow sinking our carrier, cause they'll blame the Israelis.
oh and of course, should there be an “incident” the Iranian govt can issue back channel private denials for any “mistakes” committed by the Rev Guard and assure the Europeans and the weak dick obama people that they “the moderates” will deal with it if we do not “over react”

To the UN they could claim it was all an Israeli zionist plot to attack a US carrier and start a war, and demand an investigation, most of the 3rd world would believe this. Also many US democrats. And Ron Paul.

I believe the Iranian “moderates” have played this card before, such as over Pan Am 103 and maybe others
OrioleFan isn't sure what to do, but knows whatever Obama does is wrong.

The most unqualified occupant of the White House in history. A metrosexual, who has to be dragged in off the golf course to witness the take down of Bin Laden. A person with no record of accomplishment - in his life. A person who votes "Present" or doesn't vote at all to avoid taking a stand on an issue.

I have no hope Obama even knows what the right decision is, much less that he will make a decision at all. That puts our military in harms way waiting on the procrastinator in chief.
USS Alaska knows what to do: Nuke Iran.

A single boomer, like the USS ALASKA, travels alone and could turn the entire 75,000,000 mooselimb persians into statues of glass.

It does require the political will to issue the correct order.
Gen.Blather thinks this is fine tactics, but only when Reagan does it.
Reagan would have pulled the trigger and the world knew it. I don’t think the world believes Obama would pull the trigger; that would not be sufficiently “nuanced.” If you’re not prepared to use it, don’t risk it.

We’re asking for disaster here because the Rules of Engagement would need to let the Navy react instantly to whatever happens or to any perceived threat. That may mean shooting down an “unarmed” reconnaissance plane. Can anybody believe the ROI say anything other than, “If something happens, call the White House?”

butterdezillion has this whole attack scenario worked out. And Obama is behind it all!

My suspicion is that Iran would do an EMP attack on the mainland US as a “begin operations” signal to Hamas and Hezbollah operatives who have been coming in through our soft underbelly (while the DOJ gags and binds Sheriff Joe from trying to protect our underside). I know Bam was working on having authorization to supplement the whole martial law thing with detaining and sending to Gitmo anybody he wants to make trumped-up “suspicions” about.

If the timing is just right this could all happen when Obama and his family are all in HI where it’s easy to keep invaders at bay. Is Pelosi still there too? It would conveniently happen before Sheriff Joe’s posse comes out with the truth about Obama being a fraud enabled by an entire criminal system, yet far enough away from the expected release of the report, that only the “conspiracy theorists” would suspect a connection.


  1. Freepers are just getting crazier and crazier as we enter into the election season. Nothing they've tried to pin on him has worked so far and they're desperate to get something on him is what I believe they're thinking. And birthers like butterdezillion are going to get worse the closer we get to election day when their efforts prove worthless. I can't imagine what it will be like in Freeperland when Obama wins a second term. The prime crazy you're seeing now will be nothing compared to it.

  2. I "like" the way "Freepers" go "overboard" with the "excessive" use of "quotation" marks.