Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Potpouri

April Lexington thinks fiction is a liberal conspiracy:
Actors are scum. Leftist scum. Stupid, empty-headed Communist scum. No degrees. No education. Just an ability to convince the ignorant masses that they are someone else. For money. .. so... I don't support them financially. Why would you expose your children to a fraud pretending to be someone he isn't? Movies are make believe.
It all started with that commie Chaucer...

EQAndyBuzz has a plan to deal with an EPA administrator:

Pitchforks and torches in front of Jackson’s home.

Force the police to come and then tell the cops with the cameras rolling what this commie is going to do to their family.

Send it viral.

That’s how you beat the left.

Yes, angry mob justice is like liberal kryptonite! I think you should do this.

mas cerveza por favor on the serious dangers of some Catholic schools.

Diocesan and Jesuit schools are even more dangerous than public schools for Catholic students. While both venues are anti-Christian, the modernist “Catholic” schools specialize in specifically targeting the Catholic faith for destruction.

Dubh_Ghlase thinks there's a civil war on right now:
It's coming...

I see the elites walling themselves in behind ranks of military-armed "police" for their protection, while civil war (that THEY have created) is waged among the population. This has been the plan all along, and zero is the culmination of the effort...
John S Mosby on the gayness of Obama:

As in our chief executive, he of the effeminate spider leg, mack daddy tutu persuasion and his field harridan, white hating, manly butch of a wife— the only kind of woman he could rise to pollinate (while taking one for the team). No surprise they travel separately, and she’s getting it on with a member of her security (true).

I was skeptical till the "(true)."

Only politicianslie is smart enough to see the obvious:

WOULD IT BE CHEAPER to do a Pearl Harbor style attack


Spend a few $Hundred Million on making Obama POTUS?

Obviously Obama is a plant, a Trojan horse plant who is here to destroy America. If you ask who he is working for and what is his religion, stupid is too weak of a word to describe Americans.

Conspiracies such as this are fantasies, they couldn't happen here or so Americans apparently think.

Americans really are stupid enough to let him continue the destruction of their country.
marty60 thinks the tech bubble was Clinton's fault and only Democrats got rich off it. Then 9-11 ruined the liberal takeover:

I got a sneaking suspicion back in late 80’s early 90’s that there was manipulation of the system ( econ) by the Democrat insiders. Everyone has forgotten the huge bubble Clinton created with the Tech Stocks. Wonder if only Dems became millionaires on that one.
Then when Bush became Pres all of a sudden it burst. The Dems have been pissed ever since 911, because the War (s) delayed the planned damage to the Repub admin. Zero thought the Solyndra types would create yet another money maker for the Insiders. But they got greedy. Always a mistake.

True Republican Patriot is not a fan of Obama, but is a fan of hyperbole:

Old Sarge, while You are 1000% Correct, You are a Million Trillion % Short of the Evaluation of Obama Hussein, You left out that Obama HUSSEIN IS A FOREIGN MUSLIM TERRORIST installed in Our Highest Honored Office and the Most Powerful in the World
by the words of Farrakkon: “Obama was NOT ELECTED! but HE WAS SELECTED by US!” and “HE IS OUR PROPHET FROM ALLAH!” Glenn Beck played the videos of these statements and where is the a chirp from the media? Our Media is a Communist and Socialistic Perversion of PROPAGANDA that makes Hitler, Stalin and Musalini as well as Castro, Chavez, Ayers and Obama’s other Whore’s look like Amateurs!

Venturer thinks Obama would have been impeached if he were white:

Obama is vulnerable to racist innuendo

What a Joke that statement is.

His race is his shield, If he were white he would have been impeached long ago.

When it's a capital 'J' Joke, you know it's serious.

Free Vulcan hates genocidal butchers.

So love the the population reduction crowd. The kind of people that’d gun down your whole family and bury them in a ditch for their brave new world. Nothing like genocidal butchers getting on their high horse.

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  1. When I read these kinds of posts, I get the feeling that Free Republic is actually a conceptual project put on by some performance artists to see how ridiculous and un-American they can sound, while at the same time claiming patriotism. Even the name of the head honcho sounds like a joke: "JimRob" = "Rimjob"? Sometimes, I think it's just gotta be a put-on. And then I HOPE it's a put-on.