Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Iraq madness

Iraq is trying to arrest their Vice President for being involved in sectarian bombings. Freepers are all over this:

PA-RIVER knows this is cause Islam is bad:
1400 years of murder, mayhem and mutilation. 100 million butchered for Mohammed. On average, about 70,000 people per year.

It's embarrassing to think we were silly enough to believe a finger dipped in purple ink for a vote could counter a 1400 year blood lust.

But hey, we tried. We even gave the presidency to one of them.
blackdog also thinks democracy is just too good for Muslims:
The brutality which must be enforced upon a country of Islamic followers by it's government is sickening. That said however, the lack of brutality of rule with a deadly fist brings even worse results.

The governance of an Islamic people is not for the, "want to be inspired" crowd. It's pure nasty business and never ending.

Enlighten those savages! Go, go colonialism!

ZX12R doesn't put too fine a point on it.
This may all go south faster than even predicted. It's either despotism or anarchy with the Arabs, there's no middle ground.

They simply are not capable of anything more. Never have been. They are a cultural plague for all eternity, and it's Islam that has, and will, keep them shackled to misery, brutality, blood shed, and malfeasance.
Never mind Turkey, the UAE, etc. etc. etc.

GrandJediMasterYoda thinks the Obama Administration is involved in sectarian bombings, I think.

Well they are arresting the VP, and if it’s true he was involved in orchestrating bombings, they are doing a lot more to prevent corruption and criminal behavior in government than we are currently doing.

Uncle Ike thinks this may be a conspiracy:

Are you noticing that, with the fall of Iraq, Saudi Arabia will be essentially cut off??

Interesting, huh??

Yeah, Obama orchestrator this whole thing, including the invasion of Iraq! Notice how rarely you see him and Bush in the same room at the same time?

Spok will assume Iraq is falling, no matter what reality says.

No matter how bad things get in Iraq, the MSM will be telling us it’s Obama’s showpiece success story in foreign policy up to the election. No lie is too big to tell with this president and his minions in the MSM.

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