Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday potpourri.

RaceBannon is sure the only reason Republicans don't win every election is Dems cheat:
from what I have seen since 1996, I doubt we have good poll watching

While Dole was a clown, CLINTON was our worst president and enough people knew of his treason and were furious at him, yet he wins with a 60% margin??

Gore/LIEberman coming so close in 2000?

If Kerry wasn’t so pompous, I think it would have been closer, but in 2008, I just dont see all the millions of ballots that we KNEW were fraudulent and also commented on here so much then as being dismissable

we are in grave danger from voter fraud, and I am not happy at a national ID card, which if honest is the only cure

re_nortex knows Obama's evil is stronger than God:

Obama has an immutable hardened heart. His lifelong and unaltered commitment to "my [his] Muslim faith" (his very words) assures he'll never have a Saul on the road to Damascus awakening. As a avowed Marxist, a key part of his very being is to hate Christianity and all the Good that it represents.

You're right that such a conversion, as far fetched as it may be, would be utterly stunning. Still, I personally can't envision being in the same Eternal Heaven with the likes of Obama since the treachery and unspeakable evil he has sown here on earth can't be undone.
mylife keeps a 'we don't talk and I am watching you' list:

Why do blacks embrace islam?

I have one I know that is always making excuses for islam yet claims to be Christian.

He gave me this film called Zeitgeist that debunks Christ.
I was like WTF?

So, he went to the top of the we don’t talk and I am watching you list.

ColdOne does not believe in data:

This is all part of the re-elect plan. Try do demoralize us. The numbers are not real. Just like unemployment numbers, housing numbers etc. Nothing is real with this bunch.

Vendome's still birthin' it up:

WE never saw his Birth Certificate!

That was a long form ABSTRACT!!!!

Why the hell do you guys consistently and regularly assert facts which do not exist?

Of course, most Freepers have moved on to "Natural Born" means both parents are citizens silliness:

spankalib thinks Hollywood hates money these days:

It used to mightily puzzle me why Hollywood stayed away from the obvious money-making blockbusters based on family values.

I still believe that most of America craves good stuff, and is sick of the garbage that Hollywood “sells”...

Then it hit me...when you already HAVE more money than King Croesus, what is left?
Why, attending all the benefits and balls and parties, where you are adored by peer and sycophant alike...
where you bloviate and get back-slapped for your next (usually degenerate) “project”.

Hollywood Leftists and degenerates usually live in insulated worlds, travel the world, oh sure, but in small circles, limiting their exposure to reality.
They require shelter for their shallow, morally-shrunken souls doncha know.

IMR 4350 knows Obama has this whole plan wherein Hillary takes over and we all become Nazis:
Zippo is doing everything he can to screw everything up as bad as he can so that Hillary will look good by comparison.

It's called “Triangulation” or “The Third Way”.

Notice how anyone above the level of idiot now recognizes the extreme lefts way, socialism, Zippo’s way, simply doesn't work. Nobody benefits.

OWS is being used to paint the picture that the extreme rights way, capitalism,or as they like to call it the Tea Party Way, doesn't work either. Only 1% benefits.

Hillary's way will be “The Third Way”. It will be between socialism and capitalism.

In fact IIRC, Robert Reich, while in collage, thought he had come up with a completely new economic theory that fell between socialism and capitalism. Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham were very impressed with this new economic theory.

Problem is Reich's new economic theory was not new. It was nothing more than National Socialism, Nazism, with a few tweaks.

The idea is to make Nazism look good in comparison to communism or capitalism
Freedom_Is_Not_Free has priorities:0000
Repealing Obamacare is the only goal. All else is irrelevant. I would vote for Hitler if I knew he would repeal Obamacare.
Holocaust? Nothing compared to Obamacare!

bigdirty knows who the real Nazis are:
Paulbots are the scum of the earth. They’ll vote for Obama if their neo-nazi messiah Ron Paul doesn’t get the republican nomination.
Biggirl is a bigoted telepath:

As a matter of fact, I sense a number of Muslims got angry when Osama got killed.

Windflier's wife seems a bit depressive:

My wife hardly follows politics at all, and gets her news from Yahoo, yet when Sarah Palin announced that she wasn't going to seek the GOP nomination, my wife fell into a blue funk that was so severe, it surprised me.

It was so deep, that the mere mention of the 2012 race could put her on an emotional roller coaster that brought actual tears. That's how invested she was in Sarah's potential candidacy.

A few days back, she asked me about the news she was seeing about a possible brokered Republican convention. She wanted to know how it worked, and whether that meant that Palin could possibly nominated that way. I quickly brought her up to speed on that, and the whole 'Palin earthquake movement'.

As I talked, I could see her skipping over all of the details and snagging the high points, but I'll tell you what. That blue funk she had has disappeared. The woman actually has some hope again.


  1. They keep talking about the evil of Obama, but they never say what he's done that's so evil.

  2. @Durango 95,
    Why he's totally destroying America, of course! Just look around you and see all the destruction. We're like, totally destroyed!