Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hitler started with recess appointments.

Freepers focus on the primary must have caused some sort of build up of Obama rage, cause they are really swinging for the fences about Obama's recess appointment over pro-forma sessions. And by fences, I mean Hitler.

Verginius Rufus knows the Nazis used hope in their slogans too!

The Nazis in 1932 had the propaganda slogan “Hitler—our only hope.” The Democrats can dust that off and make it “Obama—our only hope.”

You mean like Freepers been saying Palin--our only hope for ages now?

pabianice prefer his Nazi slogans fictional:
Get a look at the banner behind him while he gave Congress the finger? "We Can't Wait."* Get used to hearing it -- he is going to run so hard Left that it will make the last three years seem like the Eisenhower Administration.

Frankly, if the Repubs don't immediately haul his ass court on this, I am going to sit-out the November election.

*Hitler used the same slogan in 1932
Recovering_Democrat makes up a double standard and then cries about it:

Can you imagine if Bush did this what the headline would say? Would it say Bush's authority was MURKY? Hell, no. The headlines ALL would talk about Bush's abrogation of precedent, the Constitutional crisis he was creating for political gain, and the PROBLEM with executives who overreach their authority.

It has never been tested whether pro-forma sessions even count legally for the purpose of preventing recess appointments. MadMax, the Grinning Reaper provides a strong rebuttal:

Radio talk show host Mark Levin was quite clear on this issue - it was illegal since the House was still in session and the Senate cannot adjourn without the consent of the House and vis-versa.

The “Communist In Chief” just came out of the red closet, not only on this Constitution-ignoring act, an impeachable act, but also in his Shaker Heights Cleveland high school speech where he talk the students (these blithering ignorant assholes), that he would do want he wanted to and ignore the expressed limits that the Constitution places on an imperial presidency re the rights of the Congress.
(Again, hattip to Levin for playing some of this speech).

Did you know that the last “O” in Politico stood for “Uh Oh, we screwed up again with our ignorance of the Constitution”?

IT IS TIME TO FORM A NATIONAL “IMPEACH OBAMA COMMITTEE”. He has shredded the Constitution or corrupted it, aided and abetted by the marxists and crooks he has appointed.

Time to change the national slogan from “Hail to the Chief” to “Jail to the Theft” (he is stealing our freedom).

It is time that loyal Americans stood up and said “No More”.

Geez, was that created by the clichebot 3000? If so, try lowering the drama setting.

Ronin thinks Obama will jail Freepers and then Hitler.

If the Bamster can get away with this, what else might he be tempted to try?

Perhaps deciding that certain voices would be better locked away?

Is this the point historians will someday figure as the day Obama began his unconstitutional dictatorship? Was that point ever identified for Hitler?

Hitler was also elected, but at some point in time...

Lady Lucky knows the answer - stop paying taxes!
We have but two options beyond the ballot box. The most effective by far is that citizen expression of authority, withholding funds. Paying taxes is now as helpful as putting out a fire with gasoline.

If we didn't pay the taxes like good little sheep, none of these outrages would be happening. And yet some people bluster on regularly about their 2nd Amendment rights.

If you can't even bring yourself to refuse to pay taxes, you will never be able to raise those guns.

Every April 15 is Surrender Day.
Good luck with that, Lady Luck.

P-Marlowe mourns dramatically for America
Obama is clearly acting as a tin horn dictator. He considers the Presidency as superior to the courts and congress. I don't see any difference between him and all the other dictators in the world.

We are no longer living in a constitutional democratic republic. America died on January 20 2009.
WilliamofCarmichael's rage seems to have killed his wit:

Not in recess? Who cares
Exposed: Obama's scheme to czar and fetter U.S. citizens.
Checks and balance work against the people, says President: "Bring it all down, man."

"My Mommy and Daddy would be proud of me," says Obama.

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  1. Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!

    That's the sound that Freepers' air raid siren has made. It first started on January 20, 2009 and has never shut off since.