Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saying goodbye to Huntsman

Freepers never had much use to Huntsman, who wan as a moderate. Still, they manage to get kinda worked up when he endorsed Romney:

varina davis knows everything went according to plan:

The only reason he was running.

Huntsman only ran to drop out and endorse Romney in a well thought out scheme.

VanDeKoik knows Huntsman needs the money from Romney's bribe:

Romney’s check cleared?

hoosiermama has a crazy conspiracy:
Check out WIKIpedia. Huntsman Chemical (daddy’s company) is owned by Bain (the company that Willard wants us to believe he doesn’t own anymore! (SO RELEASE YOUR RECORDS WILLARD!)
erm, wiki has nothing about that.

Godebert knows what ambassadors do:

Huntsman is an obama bootlicker.

LeoWindhorse has a litmus test- be willing to stay forever in Afghanistan:
advocates surrender in Afghanistan = doesn’t get it

We defeat fundamentalist islam or be forever cursed by it
AGreatPer makes predictions:

What a beautiful week-end.

Who in heck is Huntsman?

Step right up you losers.

That creep Paul has to be next.

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