Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union

I swear, Freepers aren't even trying anymore. I mean, their comment threads on previous State of the Union speeches have always been a bit light on substance, but this time there were about half a dozen substantive comments in the 1700-post long comment thread.

I hope you like schoolyard taunts!

netmilsmom noticed Hillary:

Lordy, someone needs to tell Hillary that headbands are darling. On teenagers. Isn’t that harpie nearly 70?

Dengar01 has many other Dem women to call ugly:
Jackie is fugly, I hope she got the hair dye for free. OMG Puke Debbie Yenta Schultz from butterfly county Florida!!!

Everytime I see that Yenta I think of the old farts who steal the sugars, the rolls, anything they can from the Early Bird Special at some restaurant in Boca Raton!!!
dandiegirl concentrates on Obama's skin tone:

BO’s skin color looks really strange. Has a yellow tint to it.

But no blue lips this time!

Rome2000 reminds us Obama is totally gay!

Wonder if the faggot in chief will kiss any guys on the lips!

truthkeeper is not a fan of Obama honoring Gabby Giffords:

The Boy King is all over Gabby Giffords like white on rice.

mc5cents brings back the old fallacious standby:

Count the number of personal pronouns. Over/under is 150.

KJC1 also hits Obama's skin tone:

We’ve got diversity on board:

Biden: white
Boehner: tan
Obama: jaundiced-looking

re_nortex finds Obama's pronunciation lacking:

O'Bambi is a scarcely literate Muzzie Marxist. He reveals himself with his mispronunciation of words such as:


Fortunately, a Tea Party Revolution is at hand and in just a few months, the idiot and member of his regime will be gone. Go Newt Go!
Biggirl thinks it's almost Civil War 2 time!

I am getting concerned that if the upcoming 2012 Presidential elections do not go off well, we could very well be in for a second American revolution.

Recovering Ex-hippie is of two crazy, crazy minds:


Why is he yelling?

what a POS!!! LYING POS!!

"This is Hilarious!" to "I RAGE" in 2 sentences.

grey_whiskers is pissed Obama said something Freepers might like:

Note btw he just talked about reforming the unemployment system: training instead of just a check, stealing Newt's idea.

Seattle Conservative also hits Obama's skin color, again.

Obummer does have a jaundice look on FNS - I had CSpam on and it looks like he has too much rouge on.

I noticed he didn’t use Grecian Formula tonight - the salt & pepper look makes him look more ‘distinguished’ (that’s probably what the focus group said - I can’t stand to look at him whether its dyed or not).

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