Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Osama Bin Laden - still not dead!

Obama says 'Osama Bin Laden Will Never Again Walk the Face of This Earth. That’s What Change Is.'

Obama killing OBL goes against the narratives Obama being weak, Obama being Muslim, Obama only doing things to hurt America.

Basically Obama saying that was kicking Free Republic square in the balls.

And their reaction is to lash out blindly with every type of crazy they can possible come up with:

Mr. K has this whole story no one else knows about:

Obama voted ‘present’ on killing Obama- it was Leon Panetta who went ahead after Obambi wanted to ‘sleep on it’

They even had to threaten Obambi that they would release to the press that he FAILED TO ACT if he got away (again)

Now he is acting all “I gave the order- look at me how big I am”

Post5203 thinks it was all a cover up:
Could you imagine if Bush would have tried to pull this sh!t?

Show a picture of 0 with his "high level" cabinet members and a few generals and claim they are watching osama being killed.

Then claim to bury the body at sea.

Then the Seal team involved gets ambushed.

The media wouldn't let up and the country would be screaming BS.

Same thing with the BP oil explosion.

These guys have hollywood written all over them.
Sacajaweau assumes the Muslims are basically just like North Koreans and then proves wrong things from there:
My problem is the silence of the Muslim world when he was supposedly "double tapped"...It makes no sense at all.

Look at Kim's followers...crying in the streets for cripes sakes.

liberalh8ter will never forgive Obama for all the damage he's done:
Osama Bin Laden Will Never Again Walk The Face of This Earth.

. Your policies have replaced him with 100's of new OBL's.
100s of well-financed sheiks kicked out of their own country for being to radical? How did that come to pass?

danamco thinks Bush killed Bin Laden long ago:

No pictures like with Gadaffi!

We are suppose to belive this staged scam with no corpse or DNA!!

High ranking Pakistanis clam tha OBL stopped walking on this planet when he caved out in Bora-Bora. As well as neighbor Pakistanis said they hauled off with the wrong guy, not OBL, but the real owner of the so called Mansion or Compund!!!

The Navy Seals in the operation killed in a staged helicopter crash, oh mine, NO WAY???

Ax will only vote for Rambo in 2012.

The hubris of this guy is mind-boggling. The most dangerous thing he’d ever done was creep through some Cook County graveyard at night, registering new demonrats. How DARE he associate himself with those fearless warriors?


  1. Freepers are desperate to not like Obama on anything. Even when he does something they wholeheartedly approve of. Even liberals weren't this bad in their hatred of Bush.

  2. Cook county graveyard? This and other references indicate a geriatric, empty nest skew to freerepublic that is > 70. Is it the new vaudeville?

  3. Good to see that Free Republic remains a completely fact-free zone.