Monday, January 23, 2012

Ayep, Durn Muzzies!

There's some article about immigration from Saudi Arabia. And Freepers have never sounded more like a caricature of a racist:

fabian is pretty sure letting Muslims emmigrate is treason:

we are at war with people of the same cultish religion. We have a bunch of stupid traitors running our government.

Clintonfatigued indulges in some light stereotyping:

Very interesting. I wonder how many are involved in terrorism.

Bulgaricus1 is a proud bigot:

Frankly, if I were running things, there would be zero visas granted to Muslims.

itssme blames Obama:
The muzzie bastards are invading this country on the installment plan...genius! And this muzzie oboma is paving the way by design.

Another reason to get in the trenches and fight like hell to remove this muzzie bastard in OUR White House in November, or suffer the consequences tooooo numerous to mention.
Because Bush didn't let in any Muslims!

hal ogen bags on Saudi Arabia as well:

Does anyone know how many Americans apply for a Saudi visa to visit their sand pile each year?

Tulsa Ramjet thinks he knows their secret plan:

Maybe they men also coming to marry American Saudi women thus creating a citizenship foothold., have children. Can’t they have mOre than one wife?

bayouranger looks forward to the coming anti-Muslim pogroms:
Look at the bright side, it'll be fun finding every last one of them after their next attack. Filthy koranimals.
Gaffer just straight up says every Saudi immigrant is going to commit terrorism:

Divide the number granted by 19....that way, we’ll know how many planes we’re gonna lose.....

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  1. Considering how hard the push the Nazi/Hitler ad hominem attacks against Liberals, you'd think they'd see the irony in hating and pushing negative lies about an entire religion.