Friday, January 13, 2012


Hitler Hitler, Hilter Hitler hitler Hitler. HitlerHitler!

cuban leaf Hitler!

My God! This sounds very much like a Hitler moment!

Or am I over reacting? Hitler’s stuff seemed pretty good at first, and even got some stuff done, but the devil was in the details.

Brookhaven Hitler!

People forget that the NAZI’s (as well as the fascist in Italy) rose to power not because of a social or nationalistic agenda, but because of their ECONOMIC agenda.

All the other stuff (the racism, ultra-nationalism, and war) emerged later (after it was too late for the people to realize who they had put in power). The original reason the NAZIs came to power was pure economics.

1010RD Hitler!

Every FReeper needs to read up on the Nazis rise to power. Economic crisis, handing the reigns of power over to an individual, etc. It is that obvious.

Bluebird Singing Hitler!

Skimmed this quickly - this sounds so Hitlerian . . . looks like he going by the playbook . . . time is running short to complete his “fundamental transformation of America”.

tcrlaf Hitler!


Yeah, it happened this way in 1930’s Germany, too.

LibWhacker Hitler!
Kristallnacht is coming. I can smell it in the air. Only this one will target conservatives and, yes, perhaps also Jews and evangelical Christians.
Candor7 Hitler!
This will be known as the "queer hall putsch." while Uncle Adolf's was "the beer hall putsch." Some one, any one, needs to stand up to Obama! (Come on Sarah.)
butterdezillion Hitler!

The socialists were the only people who held out and voted against The Enabling Act. Hitler had the SA all over the place during the vote so the physical threat was intimidating to some.

The Reichstag chose to make themselves irrelevant and give Hitler legal cover to do what he darn well pleased - which he then did. The political opponents in the Reichstag were arrested as “terrorists” before the vote, and the squishy middle was offered vain promises of religious favors, which they swallowed hook, line, and sinker. The “It’s about the economy, stupid” Reichstag members thought it would be smart to consolidate powers because the political gridlock was damaging the economy, which was already hurting from WWI.

Does any of this sound familiar to anybody here?

It’s scary how easily a country can be overthrown.

cuban leaf RED DAWN

History repeats, but never exactly the same. The Jews were notoriously passive. In the US, the conservatives are the citizens with most of the guns and the training and will to use them.

It would NOT be pretty.


Read the whole thread. It's awesome. Makes Freepers initial reactions that I posted below look like the soul of sanity.


  1. "Wolverines!!!"

    God, I love Freepers. They are the craziest old coots on the internet.

  2. Ooh, ooh, more confederacy tough talk.

    See, all the peaceful Souther states would be quite happy to just leave, but the brutal Northern states are FORCING them to be, you know, prosperous.

    1. I've said before that I think we should give a piece of land (like the Texas panhandle) to all the crazy conservatives and let them live there and run it like another nation. It will be fun watching their failure, and their denial of failure.