Monday, January 9, 2012

Tebow Saves

Religious folks come in all sorts, and a lot of them are probably a bit skeptical that God caresa bout Football. But Freepers have a surplus of people who use religion to strengthen their assholishness.

Thus - Tebow's victory over the Steelers is God telling the Media to suck it:

AdamBomb knows what sorts of people don't cheer for Tebow:

Sucks to be a loser.

Sucks to be an atheist.

Faith thinks Tebow is a vehicle for media folks' conversions:

Perhaps TT will help some of media to become believers. God will give them every possible chance to accept Him as Lord.
It is no accident that they are face to face with a man who is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
God’s grace is amazing.

icwhatudo knows who to credit:

Tebow throwing for 316 for the win.

God is awesome.

Post Toasties is sure there's a double standard:
All the same atheist hypocrites who are trashing Tebow would be breaking their arms patting themselves on the back and congratulating any openly Muslim football star gushing over how 'inclusive' the NFL is of religious diversity.

Well, actually, the NFL is not tolerant of religious diversity at all - these hypocrites are trashing Tebow for his heartfelt Christianity. What a pack of worthless anti- Western Effwits.
Yeah, if Tebow bowed towards Mecca, no one would mock him!

bibletruth also feels like Tebow is being persecuted, and that the media will go to hell.
I am pointing out that now publicly, the MEDIA's disdain has been exposed for what it really is: they hate Christ in Tebow and the witness he displays, and because of that they try to destroy an athlete with arguments for are fair to any rookie starter (mistakes, poor performance, poor techniques, etc). They use that as a tool to publicly disdain a man who is just a rookie starter like any other rookie starter.

But their motive is clear! And to that end the MEDIA better spend some time on their sins which will result in their wrath from God when God judges ALL Christ rejecting people.

These MEDIA are not in a "knot": they simply are Christ rejecting people who have a disdain for anyone who is a Christian. That is why I gave the Gospel to them to read.

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