Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alan Colmes: History's greates Monster

I heard Alan Colmes' radio show once. It was basically conservatives calling in to insult him, and then he would say 'well, not everyone would agree with that' and then he would get interrupted and receive more abuse. Total doormat.

Freepers hate him like the heat of a thousand suns.

So it seems Colmes commented that Rick Santorum having a funeral for a stillborn baby was a bit creepy. Santorum asked him to apologize, and he did.


Hacklehead knows what liberals are like, he's built many out of straw. Evil straw:

You cannot be a good liberal unless you are a vicious monster.

bcsco sent a letter to FOX!
My wife and I have watched Fox News for many years; mostly because it is the only television news outlet that tries to be 'fair and balanced'. While I take that description with a grain of salt, what with your ever expanding parade of liberal-to-socialist commentators and pundits, I have to say Mr. Alan Colmes made even the most rabid socialist seem tame by comparison.
TruthShallSetYouFree wamts Colmes to get beat up:
Nothing would make me happier than to see Alan Colmes busted from FOX, with the exception of seeing him busted in the mouth.
SueRae also has a bully fantasy:

Colmes is nothing more than a shrill schoolgirl who can’t make an argument but can call names, recite talking points..and on occasions such as this, show just how contemptible of a human being he is.. I’d like to slap that smug look off his pasty face.

massgopguy as well:

He likes to poke people with his left index finger when they woulkd be on with him and Hannity. Always wondered why no one grabbed it and asked him how he’d like to be able to count to 9.

It's amazing how often Freepers go for grade-school bully antics. I'm not sure if they were bullied in school or what, but it seems to be part of the far-right psyche that the far left (such as it is) does not share.

As is their childlike conflation of evil with ugly:

GBA for instance posits that all liberal journalists are ugly:
Combs is a hideous creature, as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside. And, not all that different from any other socialist/progressive/liberal journalist.
Gaffer knows his tormenters are 'ugly on the inside.'

All Democrats, Progressives and Liberals are hideous creatures. They are all ugly on the inside. Their personal failings and insecurities are offset by their desire to control other peoples’ lives. They are truly despicable. I say this having some relatives who are Democrats.

Ann Archy rages at conservatives for thinking a liberal doormat is a nice guy!!!!
He has CONSERVATIVES Mike Gallaghr and Sean saying how NICE he is!! OMG!!! Where is the DISCERNMENT on our part??? SHUN HIM!!!!

He might be "nice" but he's an AWFUL human being!!


  1. Who is Alan Colmes, and why was he on FOX to begin with? He doesn't sound like the kind of person they tend to interview.

  2. The creepy part wasn't holding the funeral for the stillborn, it was Santorum taking it home, cuddling it all night and introducing it to his children as their brother Gabe.

    He was the "& Colmes" half of "Hannity & Colmes".