Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama selling out to Russia

Freepers really got some nice, long-lasting rage at Clinton over the idea that he sold secrets to China. And if it worked once, well...Obama is clearly selling U.S. Standard Missile-3 velocity burnout parameters to the Russians.

Red Steel knows what's going on:

Looks like treason.

Though to be fair, Red Steel knows Obama's been treasoning since the election:

What’s that clause in the US Constitution that Obama violates on a daily basis? Oh yeah, now I remember, the Natural Born Citizen clause. The guy has all kinds of foreign allegiance...

But no one cares about that part or the rest of the US Constitution anyways.

Secret Agent Man is all about rave-based political decisions:

Impeach and remove.

I repeat, Impeach and Remove.

Yes, stick up to your principles, GOP! Impeach Obama, political results bedamned!

rightwingextremist1776 knows Obama is sabotaging the economy with his moderate liberal positions:

Yep....traitor within..... and if you think what he has done to our economic system isn’t on purpose I’ve a bridge to sell.

RatRipper hopes for a military coup:

. . . all enemies, both foreign and domestic . . . .

chainsaw helps out:

How do you spell Treason? T R E A S O N!

AEMILIUS PAULUS allows that Obama's treason is natural given that he's a liberal:

Giving aid to a potential enemy. Liberalism always means sedition, treason and vice addiction.

I thought Christians think we all suffer from "vice addiction." Anyhow, better than virtue addiction!

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