Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Iowa Caucus was a Fraud.

Freepers are not happy about Iowa, since Romney won. So, of course, the caucus was rigged:

CainConservative has already moved on:

Forget IA.

SC + FL = nom.

Grampa Dave looks ahead to also discount whatever happens in NH, or as he calls it "Gayhampshire."

I became aware of Red Hampshire in the late 1990’s, when really rabid left wing gay baby boomers left Californicator land to go live in and fornicate Gayhampshire.

More of these wretched people went to Gayhampshire during that time period than Ashland Or, Taos NM or in Colorado’s left wing meccas.

Kit cat sees no downside to scorched earth tactics in the primaries:

Calm down and wait for what Newt has in store for him, be patient it is
going to be fun to watch Mittens get his due!!!!! Nobody knows the game
better than Newt, it is going to be ugly and I can’t wait!!!!!

who knows what evil? is sure this is a victory for the Tea Party (remember them?)
Last night was another great Tea Party victory! Santorum won! BIG TIME!...

No one would have expected him to be within the top three. More expected in single digits.
He vied for the top AND that without the $$ that Romney sunk into IA.
Slings and Arrows is a bit cynical about every vote ever:
“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
—Joseph Stalin
sillipuddi is not happy:

Whole ROTTEN MESS was rigged!

Santorum is in the lead .. until greazy @$$ Rove starts ‘orchestrating’ HOW the last two (Four Hour Late) precincts MUST have counted wrong and .. wouldn’t you know it .. Smarmy RNC chair comes on and announces how ALL the votes had now been ‘found’ and GUESS WHAT? .. MITTENS WINS .. by the exact same amount that he had been losing by! SURPRISE!!

GARBAGE ROVE “AND FOX” are THROUGH .. as far as I am concerned!

Ki$$ My @$$ FOX NEWS!!

P-Marlowe also assumes there was fraud, cause Romney is a Democrat:

Romney is a democrat.

Democrats always win close elections.

PAConservative1 knows who committed the fraud!

Tokyo Rove had a box of Romney ballots ready just in case.

New MSM headline: “Landslide Mitt gets mandate from Iowa!”

Oh, Freepers, devouring that which you once loved.

Best. Primary. Season. Ever.


  1. Looks like JimRob posted his own thread on this, where he praises Santorum's "win". A lot of celebrating on that thread.

  2. Oh, come on, Freepers. You've hitched your wagon to yet another loser. How many times has this happened? Why do you not learn?

    And whatever happened to the Tea Party anyway?

  3. "Democrats always win close elections."

    Therefore, George W Bush is a Democrat.

    Who knew?

  4. Oh, shoulda made the Bush joke. Ah well.