Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pregaming the Iran-Israel war

Israeli told the Joint of Chief that it would give President Obama no more than 12 hours notice if and when it attacks Iran.

Always ready to throw over foreign alliances in favor of domestic politics, Freepers rather like this idea:

EGPWS knows Netanyahu is a Freeper.
If Netanyahu was prudent and I think he is, he would give 0bama 0 seconds notice.
LibWhacker thinks America's allies should abandon it while evil Obama is the President:
You give notice to your trusted allies so they can get their assets out of harm’s way. Obama is neither trusted nor an ally. How could he be? He’s a committed muslim sympathizer, if not an actual muslim himself.
Diogenesis thinks Obama would leak the info to his Muslim buddies:
When the information is transferred to Obama,
the Moslem Brotherhood and his 57 States will
receive it BEFORE the US Pentagon,
.... so a 12 nanosecond notice
would be more appropriate.
Love how 57 states is still there. Say what you will about their paranoia, Freepers never forget!

dennisw agrees about the Muslim part, but thinks Obama will call Russia:
Izzies tell Bammy that bombing commences soon then wait and see if Iranians start scurrying to their air defenses. For sure Bammy would leak this to the Russians and hope the Russians would hit Israel preemptively.
BammyBoy the crypto-Muslim could play his role in the Gog and Magog scenario
RetiredArmy agrees, but his personal understandings of biblical prophecy differ:
This is not Gog and Magog. This is the Psalms 83 war. Check that out. It comes before Gog and Magog. How much no one knows, but Psalms 83 is believed to be the prelude to Gog.
volunbeer knows it's not the Russians or the Brotherhood, it's SOROS!

Zero’s first call to Valerie Jarrett.

Jarrett’s first call to George Soros.

Soros first call to his hedge fund manager.

10 bucks says this is how it goes.

verum ago disagrees - Obama is much more lazy than he is evil.

If they’re smart they’ll catch him golfing and give him 12-hole warning. He won’t be able to pry himself off the course to call the Mullahs.

Always Independent hopes Israel dicks around with us:

I would summon Hillary to a meeting and make her wait!

Bobalu hopes Israel interferes with our elections:

Israel could easily spring an October surprise on Zero that would sink him.

If Israel comes to the conclusion that their security is threatened by having an enemy in the white house for another 4 years they just might do it too.

Just off-hand I can think of several tricks they could pull out of the hat at the last minute that would be devastating.

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  1. It's so funny that they have to reach all they way back to 2008 to find a funny quote from Obama. Bush, on the other hand, was a veritable treasure trove of funny quotes that lasted until his last year in office.