Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iowa confusion, or Romney Conspiracy?

So I guess Santorum got more certified votes in Iowa, but the Iowa GOP is calling it a tie between Santorum and Romney. Seems a titch jinkey, to be fair.

Freepers, though, know exactly what this is - the Romney Conspiracy!

Happy Rain knows how Mitt can by classy:
If Mitt had a gram of grace or class, he would call a press conference to congratulate Rick Santorum the REAL winner of Iowa!

But I may as well wait for the ocean to dry.
AmericanInTokyo wants a REVOLT of some sort, though it's not clear what:

Sheesh, I KNEW this bullcrap spin/narrative was coming, they are SO predictable. I KNEW IT. Scumbags.

So in the tank to get the contrived bandwagon effect for Romney so the unthinking masses within the GOP at the polls feel "inevitability", whereupon Mittens is then summarily slaughtered in the General Election by their boy, Barack Hussein Obama. The template is already ginned up, it is such a farce.

In these remaining **48** primaries and caucuses, we simply MUST REVOLT, speak truth to power (GOP Elite/DNC faciliators and MSM toadies) and overturn this oppressive order. MUST!! WHERE IS THE TEA PARTY IN 2012!!!???

...I think REVOLT means cote for Newt?

Rational Thought thinks these primaries are all fixed anyhow.
There are really no paper trails in primaries either. Add to that all the crossover primary states, all the fraud, and all the intentionally misleading reporting by the media and I think it's fair to say that the accuracy of our entire primary system can be looked at with suspicion.
mo wants lynchings. Though I'll bet that's his response to everything he doesn't like.

We the People are short a few yard of rope and some lamposts....

redgolum thinks this is all part of the grand GOP plan to lose the election. For some reason.
Romney will be the nominee. No matter what.

He is weak enough to be beat by Obama, and that is what the GOP wants.
niteowl77 hates the Iowa GOP:
if you are looking for clowns, the Iowa GOP is the place to be. The state's Democrats are generally loudmouthed and hateful, but not totally inept.
For rubber-nosed, big-shoed, zany cluelessness, you can't beat Hawkeye Republicans, be they ineffective semi-hereditary placeholders in one of our moribund county organizations or part of the real estate/gambling/insurance cabal in Des M.
USS Alaska just hates Iowa:

This should show Iowa for what it is, a joke and a nation of 310,000,000 should never let a little bunch of corn huskers dominate the entire voting process because they want to be first.

Screw Iowa, they rail about how much they care about the political process, and yet they can't be TRUSTED to count their own screwy cauci votes.

How in the hell can any one lose votes?

If you can't count, you have no right to be first.

Iowans, go slop the hogs, that's all you can do with any credibility.

I await an apology from any Iowa resident for your state being too screwed up to be first.

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