Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Palin on Hannity NOW!!!! Chatting up Newt!

OMG OMG OMG! Sarah Palin said something nice about Newt, this is totally kinda like an endorsement! WOW YOUBETCHA YOUBETCHA!

Anti-Hillary loves how Palin brought Trig along!

Is she the cuteset, or what? Love that the was carrying a little baby Trig too!

show is too excited to talk in anything but slogans:

Newt was on fire last night in the debate.

You betchya Sarah was agreeing and on fire for Newt’s zingers against Liberals.

Go Sarah, Go Newt!

Newt is Conservative. Sarah is Conservative.

Romney is Liberal and a Plastic Phony who was exposed last night.

Go NEWT !!!

supremedoctrine has no doubt the endorsement is coming:
She will likely be supporting him on a “primary-by-primary” basis, but at some point is bound to come out both guns blazing in support.

And I always love Sarah’s diction and her way with words, which comes out sounding clumsy, totally unslick, and oh-so-endearing. But I was a sucker for Sarah from the beginning.
livius knows this was another Palin Masterstroke!
A brilliant strategy.

If she were just any political figure, I’m sure she’d endorse him. But the press and the Dems attacked her so viciously and have been so successful in planting some bizarre image of her in people’s minds (including many GOP minds) that an open endorsement by her might well backfire and be used to whip up hatred of Gingrich. So what she did was send a message to the people who need to hear it without giving the enemy any ammunition.

Quite brilliant! I sure hope the good people of SC can stop Romney. If they could even put a serious ding in his lead, that would help.

Sarah Barracuda knows Palin's secret thoughts, and how they agree with everything Sarah Barracuda thinks!

She can’t stand Romney, and not just because of Romneycare, because its Romney’s goons that were on the McCain campaign that constantly trashed her

Can a Fan Fiction where Sarah Palin and this poster become best of friends be close behind?

LibsRJerks remembers...

Now if our buddy Cain would just come out — but he seems to be off the reservation at the moment.

Parley Baer is hopeful for Rush:

Let us see what Rush says tomorrow. Sarah has given Rush the opening to back Newt in South Carolina only. He can ride on her coat tails with a quasi-endorsement of Newt in South Carolina. Rush has the verbiage to get it done in the proper way.

JediJones won't stop believing!!
What Sarah did tonight would be EXACTLY the right thing to do if she was still planning on jumping into the race at some point.

She would need the race to continue and not have Romney coronated yet if she were to do that. She would also not want to be on record as endorsing another candidate in the overall primary. That quote would be a little awkward to have out there if she later entered the race.

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