Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Birthin'

Tip o' the capt to commenter Will from PA

In contravention of all political wisdom, Freepers are still all about Obama being ineligible. In fact, they have factions. The largest just think that "Natural Born Citizen" means you parents must be citizens. Then there are those who think Obama is a dual citizen and thus not natural born.

Those guys are all laughably wrong. But the best are still the old style birthers ones who say Obama was born in Kenya, and that all evidence to the contrary is fraud. Their continued focus in the face of reality, politics and their fellow Freepers' advice is a wonder to behold.

In a breakthrough of competence, they recently managed to keep from being dismissed for improperly filing a case for the first time in both Georgia and Alabama! With this shot in the arm, we get to see how little irrelevance and the long form has changed these stalwarts:

combat_boots notes that the negroes are revolting:

Of course, blacks will riot.

What does that say about Blacks? Is this what ‘they’ want? To destroy the entire country for the quest of having power? Is this not the easiest answer?

Frankly, I’m sick of it. Let them try. So much for all the trillions in dollars, ‘War on Poverty’ BS, ‘equality,’ ‘fairness,’ ‘social’ “justice” BS. It’s VENDETTA.

And vendetta, I understand very well.

I think you mean 'drama,' not 'vendetta.'

rawcatslyentist thinks being an illegal alien is genetic:

Aunt Zetuutti. ~ Illegal Alien
Unca Omar. ~ ~Illegal Alien

B Wacky Insane~0. ~ notice a pattern here?

Yaelle thinks God should really look into the issue of the phony long form:

Please, dear Gd. And dear Alabama.

Check out today’s posts on the Hawaii birther suit. There is yet another Definitive proof discovered that the long form he showed is phony. It’s true. That thing he showed us is fake. Why? If ya had a real one... Ya’d show the real one. So, why?

GregNH seems to have forgotten all about the multiple birth certificates provided:

I’m sorry Mr. Obama but can offer this court an official document proving your citizenship other than an internet image of an alleged birth announcement?

txhurl sees murder:

Of course, people are wary of looking at his passport records since that guy who looked at his and Hillary’s got whacked in ‘08.

If we could only get Discovery access to the State Dept......

null and void has proof!

*gentle cough* MY [company's] president who really is a Kenyan, grew up 3 doors down from Barack Obama - in Kenya.

Those brackets are in the original post. No doubt it's cause of the sinister forces involved.

PA-RIVER finds out the judge is black, so the bias is assured:
If I remember correctly, this Alabama case is going in front of a black woman with an Axe to grind. She may want to declare Obama God and then natural born, in that order.
PA-RIVER follows up with some kick-ass stereotyping:
I expect the Alabama case to be dismissed by the Sista from the hood, honoring the concept of affirmative action promotions, regardless of qualification.
Black judges are all from the hood, and never earn their position!

null and void wants Obama dead!
Customarily traitors are hung, not merely imprisoned.
mkjessup also wants all the Dems in Congress killed, and some Supreme Court justices:
First of all, when it is eventually proven that 0bama is NOT eligible to be in the Oval Office (except as a visitor or perhaps a janitor), Nutzi Pelosi needs to be indicted by a federal grand jury for falsification and forgery, as SHE certified as Speaker of the House ('Shrieker' of the House in her case) that 0bama was indeed eligible to receive the electoral votes which made his election 'official'. After being found guilty of treason, she and each and every one of those assisting her need to be executed.

Second, if it is found that the Roberts Court (SCOTUS) was in any way in collusion with the enablers and conspirators that put 0bama into the White House, they too should be removed from office, 'lifetime appointment' be damned.

I say this regarding the Roberts Court due to the fact that prior to the 'Inauguration' of 0bama in January 2009, there was a highly improper (and likely illegal) ex parte meeting between the justices and 0bama WHILE there were cases pending on the docket challenging 0bama's eligibility. The only judge who did not attend that little private 'hob nob with the snobs' was Justice Sam Alito. Read into that what you will.

The bottom line to all of this shameful business is that our federal government was infiltrated, undermined and subverted by traitors to our Constitution, to our way of life, and to We The People, and when their guilt is determined they MUST be made to pay the ultimate penalty.


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