Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday potpourri.

So much crazy this week! This is a big one!!

sodpoodle outlines Romney's sinister plan:

Becoming increasingly clear that for the past decade, Romney has been working a ‘grand strategy’ for this 2012 nomination.

He has had plenty of time and money to build a covert operation in every State with the help of Governors, legislators and also the GOP US Congress.

Romney bought Nikki Haley, Pam Bondi, Marco Rubio, John McCain and others. No wonder the GOP establishment has been pro-Romney and critical or silent on Newt, Santorum, Perry, Paul, Bachmann and Huntsman.

More diabolical than the Hillary vs. Obama contest and don’t underestimate the Axelrod oppo research to produce all the records of donations and promises.

TomasUSMC sees Israel crushing all of Islam.

The moslums are very afraid that [Ron] Paul might win or that his idea of cutting all foreign aid might carry through. Once America cuts aid to Israel, it also cuts the leash that America has had on Israel’s military, one which it has used to rein in Israel again and again when they were on the brink of permanently destroying their enemies. With no more leash, Israel would be UNLEASHED and they could no longer afford to wait. Israel would crush Islam and free the Arab people from the 7th century prison they have been held in.

tsowellfan wants Republicans to stop talking to Obama all the time.

Why are we not talking to Castro yet we talk to Obama? Obama has done more harm to this nation than North Korea, Cuba and the former USSR had ever done.

Gator113 sounds like a dirty hippie:

Imagine: A president that actually loves America. One that loves ALL of the People of our country. One that knows and is proud of our rich history. One that works to bring us together, not divide us. One that inspires the dreams of our generation and generations to come.

Imagine a president that will help us be proud of America once again.

Imagine, just imagine President Newt Gingrich..... it’s going to happen.

MamaB on Obama:
His eyes look like criminals with no soul. Scary.
If you eyes look like tiny criminals, you may want to get that looked at.

caww on the studliness of Newt and how women should stay home:
I’m all about there’s a place for men and a place for women where each does better than the other for natural reasons.

Course Newt’s showing the nations women that the Alpha-male is still alive and well..thank God!

jmax indulges in a bit pg misogyny when talking about Nancy Pelosi:
W-H-O-R-E : noun: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.

I wonder what Pelosi's children, grand-children, great-grand-children and great-great-grand children think of her being a (political) WHORE? She SCREWS the American people and TAKES MONEY from the democrat party, lobbyist's and other criminal elements FOR THE FAVOR.
Fledermaus on this history of the South:

We conservatives took back the South from the racist, black hating Democrats. They still can’t get over it.

It's like racism doesn't mean anything anymore.

Texas Fossil on all the stealth Tea-Partyers coming to the GOP Convention:

Brokered convention or not, the Tea Party is NOT a political party, but it IS the essence of the United States of America.

Delegates to both the State and National Republican Conventions will include large numbers of admitted and stealth Tea Party supporters.


VR-21 - American white males are close to getting a Holocaust:
It's fortunate that white males are not a demographic minority presently because I'm certain that if we were, there would have been an American equivalent of the Wansee Conference to address the "white male problem" by now.
GraceG knows John Kerry injuries came from is wife beating him up:

No way that frail little fag John Kerry was playing ice hockey. Give me a break.

I think he “fell down the stairs” after he hogged the katsup from his wife.

MrB knows science is evil:

“Science”... it’s their “god” and their excuse for their communist agenda.
Marx himself was big on the concept of “scientific”. If someone disagreed with his ideology, they were dismissed as “unscientific” and not worthy of discussing the issue with.

teenyelliott knows only Nazi commies keep the audience from clapping:
No more commie rules, Newt!!!! Looked like a bunch of Nazi corpses sitting behing that "moderator" last night.
mojitojoe indulges in the worst of liberal stereotypes:

Seriously, how many women have you ever seen with an Adam’s apple like Coulters? Look at her so called “boyfriends”. I suspect she is far more likely to have girlfriends in the closet and “boyfriends” to make it look like she’s not a flaming lesbian.

I sometimes wonder if some Freepers have no political ideology, and worship only hyperbole. They also got to DU and post crazy stuff.

Biblebelter wants pandering!

I am politically very hungry, in fact I am starving, because the fare offered up by slick Barry or slick Mitt is all vegan served in the smallest of portions.

To Newt, I say pass me some of more of the red meat, please.
Mr. K blames blacks for Obama's clear idiocy.

I wonder if anyone will have the balls to ask “the black community” if they are embarrased that the first black president turned out to be such and idiot

Maybe competance should have been on their list of necessary qulaifications and not just ‘black’

mrreaganaut has a plan:
Illegals should count for no more than 3/5 of a person, if they are counted at all.


  1. You make Mondays worth waking up for, Ozy. Keep up the good work

  2. "I wonder if anyone will have the balls to ask “the black community” if they are embarrased that the first black president turned out to be such and idiot
    Maybe competance should have been on their list of necessary qulaifications and not just ‘black’"

    The irony in this post is just delicious. I realize that grammar shouldn't be a litmus test for intelligence, but if you are going to call someone "and idiot" you better quadruple check your posts.