Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freepers are confused that some people are still voting Democrat.

A Rasmussen poll finds that the generic congressional ballot goes 41% Democrat, 40% Republican.

Freepers, try to come to grips with the fact that not everyone sees Democrats as the obviously evil child-molesting Muslim Nazis they are:

bolobaby wonders why people can't see!

What a nightmare. How can the people NOT see that the democrats haven’t even passed a budget in the Senate in over 1000 days?

Cause the budget crises have nothing to do with Republicans!

GoCards can't live in a country where people vote for Democrats:

Is there anywhere else to go? The US is not the US I knew.

whitedog57 blames the hard core Marxists who are EVERYWHERE!

Because our media is hard core Marxist, the schools are hard core Marxists and 50% of Americans are on the dole. Blueprint for FULL Marxism.

Road Glide knows if you get money for the government, you are an irredeemable Democrat.

There is a “core” of Americans now receiving entitlements that probably bottoms out around the 40% level. And many (not all) are what might be called “permanent democrats”. No amount of logic, reason, truth or persuasion is ever going to dislodge their political loyalties. So the “41%” number should be regarded as a baseline, a starting point.

It’s the “persuadable” 19% in that poll, not proclaiming an affiliation either way, that we have to work on.

I wonder how many Freepers are on Social Security/Medicare/Unemployment, and must therefore be secretly be voting Democrat.

KansasGirl blames Romney:

I think it is a result of Mitt Romney dragging the Republican primary into the sewer. Mitt Romney will kill down tickett Republicans in November. He is every stereotype Democrats try to put on the Republican party. Making Romney the face of the GOP is a HUGE mistake. I cannot believe voters are buying the GOP-E meme that Romney is the most electable. Romney is not electable.

Williams thinks the problem is Republicans are too nice:
if the GOP were not numbnuts, I could reduce the poll to 20% democrat and keep it there. They have members of Congress who are out and out radical marxists but oh no we wouldn’t want to say anything about that. Next how about Pelosi/Reid personal family corruption? Too impolite.
God luvs America agrees:

simple- because the GOP fights like little girls, bends over to the rats and does not force people to see the truth...they just assume everyone is going to understand whats going on....

If only the GOP would start calling Obama a Nazi, then everyone would vote Republican!


  1. For those who love birthers, there's this one which was begun by a fellow who calls himself Mr170IQ.

    Why aren't there any Romney ballot eligibility challenges?

    1. Oh man...Mitt birthers. This is just hilarious. My sides are going to be aching all through the election season.