Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chelsea Clinton adopting African baby

FreeperFan and I found this at about the same time:

The anti-Clinton hate-engines have been fallow for too long, as Freepers turned their sites on darker targets. But now, as Hillary looks ever more likely to run in 2016, Freepers struggle to crash-start and end up overshooting anything politically useful and ending up in pure crazyville.

Witness their frantic and offensive hatred for a National Enquirer rumor that Chelsea Clinton is adopting an African baby:

a fool in paradise is sure decades-old cat adoption rage is the key:
Maybe she can give it away to Bill’s secretary as he did with Socks the Cat when the photo ops are done.
Arthur McGowan renews offensive speculation:
I wonder how Webb Hubbell feels about having an African grandchild.
ladyjane makes up a whole new crazy conspiracy theory:
Wasn’t there a rumor about Bill having a ‘love child’ with a woman in Little Rock. Supposedly he was black and was going to school in Australia. Maybe Chelsea is doing this because of the alleged black step-brother she has never met.
Ann Archy has replaced all liberals with strawmen:
Don’t liberals SCREAM when a WHITE person tries to adopt a BLACK BABY????
mardi59 has decided adopting a foreign child makes liberals hypocrites:
Strange. The liberals always speak about the poor in this country. Telethons to promote their liberal causes, but the one time they can put their money where their lying mouths are they blow it. I guess an American baby that needs a home isn’t good enough for her. After all, the libs try to kill as many of them as possible.
reg45 knows why you get married!
If she wanted a black baby, why didn’t she marry an African man?
ldish seems to think Chelsea is on welfare or something:
itn’t that what all the celeb whores do? makes them feel better don’t ya know...besides its our money she is doing it with so who cares?
MinuteGal has already decided Chelsea's marriage is a sham:
Is her husband going to adopt it, too?

The article shows no quotes from him on this epic event, nor any indication he's involved at all. At the least it looks like his opinion apparently isn't even solicited by the adoring media.

When the thrill is gone from having a little black O'Bambo cooing away in the billion-dollar nursery, I look for this odd couple to split. She's doing this to tie him to her for a length of time because a divorce would be sooooo messy and a real negative in a future senator-ette's political resume.

Later, of course, like her mother and dad's modus operandi, she can always live in the trillion-dollar condo while hubby Mezvinsky can forever ply the slopes in Jackson Hole like he did for weeks on end right after they married.
GrandJediMasterYoda knows liberals are incapable of loving their kids:
They never adopt black babies from the USA do they? Even though there are tons up for adoption. Liberal elitists always go for the africans so they’ll look hip at the liberalelati cocktail parties. An american black baby would look too low class. It’s all about ego with these a-holes
blueunicorn6 has a deep understanding of what works politically:
Man, you have to admire the Clintons. Everything is about politics. The wife of our “first black President” is going to have a black grandchild. Hillary’s campaign slogan will be “I’m a black granny!”
mass55th also sees this in electoral terms:
It'll look good for her mother's campaign. Hillary carrying a black baby on her hip while she's waving to her adoring crowd. We all know it's just another gimmick created by the Clintons to get as much political punch as possible. If the adoption was motivated by true sincerity, there wouldn't have been a need to release the info to the press at all.


  1. Freepers mad because black teenager gets back on transplant list. Of course when it was the little white girl they were all for people who were denied then receiving the organs. Hateful bunch. They make conservatives and republicans look bad. No one wants to be associated with them.

    1. Well this would be welcome news if it were true. It would be the first black human being Li'l Hitlery ever met.

    2. Look at me! I'm threadshitting!

  2. So... how long before Jim Rob just formally merges the site with Stormfront?

    1. Stormfront wouldn't have them.

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