Thursday, July 10, 2008


Free Republic is whipped into an even more incoherent rage than usual by news the House Judiciary Committee may take up impeachment.

river rat doesn't know the MEANING of the word hypocrisy:

Further proof that this Democrat controlled Congress is without question the largest collection of feckless imbeciles in the Nation.

With all the SERIOUS PROBLEMS the Nation faces — these a$$holes continue to play “gotcha” games with the President.

If ever a Congress earn rejection, expulsion and worse - it is THIS Congress.

Yeah! Whoever impeaches the President for partisan reasons should be kic...wait a sec.

libbylu just kinda hate Pelosi

Does any one else think it is time to BOMBARD THIS PIECE OF FACE???????

I’ll be calling her office everyday..... I have heard she will not bring energy bills up for votes, knowing they will pass. shame on her.


I see my hands is all about the Christian love:

Pelosi and Kucinich aren't the problem. The problem is the lefties who vote them into office and the righties who provide lefties with social and familial support

I, for one, blame all of America's ills on conservatives who don't turn their liberal children out into the street.

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