Wednesday, July 9, 2008


One of the community phenomena on Free Republic is the zot. This is when someone gets banned.

Often these are first time posters. Such as when this lady posted asking if Rush Limbaugh was a pedophile.

Free Republic stops being a political forum, and the Internet culture takes over:

hoosierboy is the first poster, and posts


"In before the Zot."

But this is not some b-chan or fark, frequented by the college crowd. The age of these people leads to the interesting phenomenon of "viking kitties" from which this link gets it's name.


Less cute, but well done, and with a good attention to detail.

And if you haven't forgotten, this is a Conservative forum, so we get stuff like this too:

And don't think that this end after the original poster is zotted:

Sidebar Moderator :

scuff, scuff, scuff, scuff ... ** zot! **
My work here is done.

And you get gems like this by Allegra:

Have you ever bought that jello salad with whipped cream on top of it at some cafeteria or somewhere, taken it home, put it in a cabinet for a month or so and watch how it changes color and consistency?
It's really kind of fun.

And now you know...

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