Monday, October 7, 2013

Freepers embrace Delusion.

The woman shot on Capitol Hill last week turns out to have had delusions that that she was a prophet, that President Obama would place the city of Stamford under a 'lockdown,' and that he had her and her residence under electronic surveillance.

Freepers, hearing something bad about Obama, say "Seem legit" and commence going truther all over her.

It's like Freeper have been yelling about the secret anti-Obama truth behind everything, they'll just assume a conspiracy now even when Obama is in no way involved:

What the crap is Rabin saying?
Paranoia provides insight. It has been noted the 0ba drooleth over a multitud or slightly less. As the times change, so as their seasons so changeth over time the 0ba. At this writing the frenzy deem small crusty males of any specie whatsoever. Hide your children and favored pets.

Sarah Barracuda hats Obama, so she understands trying to ram the gates to the White House.
I cant even look at Obama’s face, or hear his voice..makes me want to puke..I didnt even feel like that about Bill Clinton! I cant blame this woman for going nuts, hearing Obama can drive anyone insane..but I feel bad for her little girl, who watched her mother die
Man, I hope gitmo is joking.
OK. She was right about Obama. That’s no reason to gun her down.
MeshugeMikey knows Obama is trying to everyone in America mad:
Id say this is ALL intended to drive as many of us TO the edge if not possible,
There is no level of paranoia Secret Agent Man won't validate:
she ain’t paranoid, fedgov was watching her.

her mental health problems made her think and act illogical, but she was right.
ChildOfThe60s claims conservative victimhood via a parallel universe or something:
The news media is very disappointed that she was black. Would have been so sweet during the non-shutdown if she was white. Didn’t even need to be a (R) or gasp, TEA Party person.
combat_boots knows what's going on:
I am moving toward thinking that the DC police just committed murder for no apparent reason and are trying to cover for it.
Usagi_yo sees the media speculation as signs of a cover up:
Postpartum depression? *Any* clinical diagnoses at this point is either pure conjecture disguised as “I know or I’ve heard” or a flat out lie.

Note the generic language. “Troubled”, “Mental Health issues”, and “depression” when we all know “Troubled” may mean a she got a traffic ticket for speeding, “Mental Health “ issues could mean she had a prescription for Valium.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they called her child a hostage, her purse a ‘go bag’, and her nail file a deadly weapon.

And I haven’t seen or heard of one word about the childs father.
faucetman also joins the truther brigade.
Nuts or sluts. This time it’s nuts. I think the police just plain murdered her and now the cover up and justification for deadly force begins.


  1. Freeper paranoia out in full force..

    1. That's a pretty funny Mad Max fantasy Lazamataz has going on there.

      I also just want to make the observation that "Lazamataz" sounds like a word made up by Dr. Seuss.

    2. MeganC is about ready to pop out her 5th spawn..wonder if she has health insurance? or is she on the gov';t dole....funny all these freepers saying they will not buy obamacare nor pay the fine...and they have no health insurance.
      You know darn well these are the same people who will have a big medical procedure done and then declare bankruptcy and pass their bills onto responsible people..


      We’re not buying Obamacrap and we’re certainly not paying the IRS one. single. penny of any fine/penalty/tax.

      THIS is where WE draw our ‘red line’.

      53 posted on Friday, October 04, 2013 6:43:11 PM by MeganC (A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don't have one, you'll never need one again. 969)
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  2. Don't often comment on typos - glass houses and all that - but the idea of Sarah Barracuda HATTING Obama gave me a huge pause. Bet she picked a fedora for him.

    Sorry, it just gave me a massive giggle.

  3. I am crazy delusional and paranoid but
    Feds r trying to make me think i am sane.
    Feds r trying to un-gaslight me.

  4. I don't think Freepers are aware that they ARE the town of Rock Ridge.