Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Turkey Lifts Generations-Old Ban on Islamic Head Scarf

Turkey has allowed Muslim women to wear head-scarves if they want. Freepers see, to mix up religious liberty for Sharia Law:

Rockitz knows what comes next:
...and sharia is just around the corner. Get Turkey the heck out of NATO.
dfwgator knows the old Turkish dictator won't be happy!
Ataturk is turning over in his grave.
ZULU is sure allowing Muslims freedom is anti-Freedom.
Once more, the Turks are proving that a non-Islamist Muslim state is an impossibility. It flies in the face of the Koran, the Haddiths, etc.
Fire_on_High wonders why Muslims can't accessorize more like Christians and Jews.
Headscarves and hijab reduce women to subhuman, ignorable objects. If they wanted to wear, say...necklaces with the crescent moon, as Christians wear Crucifix necklaces or a Jew might wear the Star of David, fine. I’m *not* thrilled about Islam but a necklace doesn’t deny humanity.
istandwithsarah knows legalizing the headscarf is the step right before world conquest:
Eventually it will become our business once Turkey reestablishes the Ottoman caliphate and declares jihad on the entire non-Muslim world.


  1. Turkey is becoming more strict Muslim..gotta side with the freeps on this one.

    Muslim theocrat nutjobs taking over the country.

    1. Could happen, and that would suck.

      Un-banning Muslim headgear has nothing to do with that though.

  2. Turkey is becoming more strict Muslim..gotta side with the freeps on this one.

    Muslim theocrat nutjobs taking over the country.

    [Citation needed.]

  3. So nuns are subhuman, ignorable objects?

  4. From

    "Can you be friends with a liberal";page=1

    Liberals hate conservatives. It’s part of their make up.

    15 posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 4:25:39 PM by Jewbacca (The residents of Iroquois territory may not determine whether Jews may live in Jerusalem.)

  5. Attaturk was a limp wrist faggy liberal twat.
    Makes me fucking ecstatic to see the religious right taking control!

    Just wait until we do the same here in America!
    Can't wait to make Pelosi have to wear a scarf!
    And the rest of you liberal twats too! Ha ha!

    Ozy and euphdick wearing scarves! Ha ha!

    1. What's wrong with wearing a scarf? I wear one whenever the weather gets chilly.

  6. I don't know what's more curious,

    Freepers wish McCain was dead

    Jeff Head's imaginary Speaker:

    "Look, Barry, we have the votes to stop you cold, and we have decided to use those votes.

    "We control government funduing and we are going to exercise that control.

    "We are talking about a complete shutdown where not so much as a dime will be available for you to even heat the White House, so get ready to stay at the local Holiday Inn on your own dime for the duration. Also, tell Michelle she can send her 100+ assistants home to, and weed her own garden.

    "The only thing we will fund during that time is the US military you hate so much.

    "When you are ready to talk about seriously creating a that is balanced, one that really reduces the debt...and we are talking about a true reduction in the actual amount we owe, not just a reduction in the percentage of your spending increases...and a budget we that puts an end to ObamCare. When you are ready to seriously talk to us about those things...get back with us.

    "Oh, BTW, Barry. One other thing we will fund is the following. The House of Reprentatives will meet each day with the express purpose of impeaching your sorry backside each day for the next 60 working days. Impeach you each day on a different charge. 60 impeachments, Barry. When you get ready to talk to us, then the first thing the Senate will have to take up is those 60 impeachments. Think about that while you are waiting, and watching.

    "So, we have the votes, and we are firm. Give us a call when you are ready to talk. Bye now."

    1. Heh. As Comedian proved before, those impeachment charges are all in RWNJs' imaginations. They really do live in a fantasy world.